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Recyclable Plastics (Thermoplastics) are PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, etc
Non-Recyclable Plastics (Thermoset & others): Multilayer & Laminated Plastics, PUF, Bakelite, Polycarbonate, Melamine, Nylon e
• The Indian processors are already collecting the plastics waste/scrap of all sorts and converting into pellets for re-use. Need for recycling/reprocessing of plastics became more relevant with an increase in the plastics consumption and also with availability of waste/scrap plastics in huge quantities. 
Plastics waste/scrap also occurs in the commingled form and has, therefore, to be segregated before being recycled/reprocessed. It is essential to segregate the plastics waste/scrap fully and not to attempt reprocessing of commingled plastics waste/scrap without appropriate technologies.
Recycling, recovery or disposal of plastic waste shall be carried out as per the rules, regulations and standards stipulated by the central government from time to time
Recycling of plastics shall be carried out in accordance with the Indian Standard IS 14534:1998 titled as Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics, as amended from time to time
Disposal of post-consumer and industrial waste laminates is an area of great concern for packaging industries, municipal corporations and several government authorities.
Recycling is the best way to fight this problem 


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