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  • Paracetamol is a painkiller, more technically described as a non-opioid analgesic. As a painkiller, it's similar in strength to aspirin, but does not have the anti-inflammatory action of aspirin.
  • Paracetamol is thought to work by blocking the production of chemicals, known as prostaglandins, which are involved in pain transmission. But, unlike aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, it blocks them in the brain not at the source of pain.
  • Paracetamol can be taken in tablet, capsule or liquid form, and is also available as suppositories. Paracetamol can be bought without a prescription from pharmacies and (in packs of up to 16 tablets) from other shops. It's vital that you always take it in the doses recommended on the packet. The recommend dose for adults is 500mg to 1000mg every 4-6 hours (one to two standard tablets), up to a maximum of 4000mg (8 tablets) in 24 hours.
  • Side effects are rare with paracetamol when it is taken at the recommended doses. Skin rashes, blood disorders and acute inflammation of the pancreas have occasionally occurred in people taking the drug on a regular basis for a long time. One advantage of paracetamol over aspirin and NSAIDs is that it doesn't irritate the stomach or causing it to bleed, potential Side effects of aspirin and NSAIDs.
  • Paracetamol is often contained in branded pain relieving products (see list below) and cough and cold remedies. These also often contain other painkillers such as codeine and other ingredients such as caffeine or a decongestant.
  • The early commercial production of paracetamol relied on the nitration of phenol to p-nitrophenol with a reduction step to produce p-aminophenol followed by acetylation with acetic anhydride.
  • In the UK, sales of over-the-counter Paracetamol in pharmacies are restricted to packs of 32 tablets per customer per occasion (only 16 tablets in non-pharmacy stores). In Ireland, the limits are 24 and 12 tablets respectively.
  • Liquid preparations of paracetamol are expensive
  • Tablets are a much cheaper form of paracetamol than liquid preparations, and some brands of paracetamol tablets are very much cheaper than others (the brands listed in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits tend to be less expensive).
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