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Recycling Coated Cups

Information @ a Glance
  • Recycling our Paper Cups 
  • Paper cups that are intended for liquids and hot drinks are typically constructed from a wet -strength high quality paper fibre. 
  • The cup is then internally lined with a very thin polyethylene (PE) coating.
  • The PE coating found on most paper cups means additional methodologies are required for the recycling of a paper cup and it is not the same process as recovering standard paper waste.
  • Paper cups can be complicated for people who want to recycle. The cups do contain paper, of course, but a thin coating of plastic or wax makes the recycling process much more difficult than sheet of office paper.
  • The ability to separate the 5% polythene lining of paper cups from the 95% of reusable high quality fibre content was a landmark development for the paper industry. 
  • Paper cup recycling process involves softening the waste in a warmed solution, separating the plastic coating from the fibre. 
  • The plastic is skimmed off, pulverized and recycled, leaving water and pulp. Impurities are filtered out leaving high grade pulp suitable for use in luxury papers and packaging materials.
  • 87% of the water involved is also reused.
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Scrap Processing Information

  • Processing used cups
  • Waste reduction & recycling
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Technology Information

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Outlook for Recycling
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