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Copper Slag

Slag, Copper refining:
  • Substance produced at high temperature in a liquid state, by melting mixtures of metal oxides and non-ferrous metals (from primary sources such as copper ores, matte, or anodes) or by oxidizing metals (from copper rich materials such as metals, alloys or metal oxides). 
  • Slag from copper refining contains relatively high amounts of copper oxides or sulphides, and various amounts of other non-ferrous metals oxides
  • In any copper smelter large quantities of copper slag are discarded as waste material causing space and environmental problems. This discarded slag contains important amounts of metallic values such as copper and iron
  • Currently copper slag is mainly applied as a building material
  • It has been estimated that for each ton of copper produced about 2.2 tons of slag are generated.
  • These slags contain about 0.7–2.1% Cu and are discarded as a waste product.Today the demand is such that even discarded slag with about 1% Cu is considered to be a valuable resource
  • Various characterization studies undertaken for the copper slag indicate that it mainly consisted of silica and iron oxides with traces of sulphides
  • Copper slag contains highly toxic lements like arsenic, barium, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc
  • The disposal of copper slag is one of the major issues for environmentalists as dumping of copper slag as a waste material may cause severe environmental problems
  • Copper mining capacity is estimated to reach 27.5 million tonnes copper in 2017
  • A super slowly cooling could be the solution to treat smelting copper slag in order to recover copper and silver into the produce matte and generate a remaining slag with large crystal size of magnetite that allow to release molybdenum
  • The high Fe (iron) content in the copper smelting slag can be used as a high-value element that can replace the foundry pig iron.
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