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Solvent Extraction - Metals & Minerals

Project at a Glance
  • Solvent extraction (also known as chemical extraction) is a cleanup method that uses solvents to extract or remove harmful chemicals from polluted materials.
  • Cleanup using solvent extraction is generally quicker than methods that treat the soil in place. It can be done at the site to avoid trucking polluted soil to cleanup facilities offsite. This saves money on transport and disposal of the soil.
  • Solvent extraction is a widely used separation process in many parts of the chemical industry. It also finds application in the production of pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering, and the minerals industry.
  • Solvent extraction is often an alternative to distillation. Both are staged processes that depend upon the distribution of key components between two essentially immiscible phases.
  • The first metal to be recovered in significant quantities using solvent extraction was uranium.
  • Today around 25% of the world’s copper is recovered using solvent extraction and solvent extraction is considered to be the lowest cost production route for the production of quality cathode.
  • Although the quantity of precious metals currently recovered using circuits that involve solvent extraction is small the value of these metals is significant.
  • In a perfect world, the chemical industry would be able to supply low cost, effective extractants for every important type of metal separation.
  • Solvent extraction has progressed from being a process which solved some of the environmental problems of other metallurgical routes to being a target itself for environmental examination.
  • The greatest contribution in achievements of solvent extraction provided extractants based on hydroxyoximes. As they were synthesized there were no better copper extractants, and since then all 
    investigations were performed in order to improve their properties.
  • With the recently developed technologies that are now under investigations in demonstration plants and ongoing research into improved technologies, we can safely predict that solvent extraction will eventually contribute to an increasing fraction of the copper produced each year not only from oxide but also from sulphide ores.
  • Mineral Comminution and Separation System
  • A Citizen’s Guide to Solvent Extraction
  • Solvent Extraction Theory
  • Liquid - Liquid Extraction


  • Solvent extraction
  • Solvent extraction process
  • Rapid expanded solvent extraction
  • Membrane solvent extraction
  • Accelerated solvent extraction method
  • Solvent extraction and recovery
  • Solvent extraction processes for metal recovery
  • Mist suppressant for solvent extraction metal electrowinning
  • Solvent-extraction process for recovery and separation of metal values
  • Cyanide recovery by solvent extraction


  • Solvent extraction of cobalt and zinc from sulphate solutions using phosphoric, phosphonic and phosphinic acids
  • Solvent extraction of metals with potassium-dihydro-bispyrazolyl-borate
  • Solvent Extraction of Chromium (VI) from Mineral Acid
  • Extraction and Beneficiation of Ores and Minerals - copper
  • Determination of Thorium in Apatite Minerals by Solvent Extraction-ICP-AES
  • Solvent Extraction of metals with a commercial fluorinated Beta-Diketon Extractant
  • Development of Effective solvent - Extraction Process
  • Development of a solvent extraction process for the production of pure neodymium oxide from synthetic MT weld process Liquor
  • Solvent Extraction Of Chromium (VI) From Aqueous Acid Solutions By Tricaprylamine Oxide
  • Solvent Extraction and Separation of Copper and Zinc from a Pickling Solution
  • Solvent extraction separation of Rhodium
  • Selective two - phase mineral separation on a Microfluidic Chip
  • Solvent Extraction Separations
  • The solvent Extraction of Major Metals
  • Extraction and Beneficiation of Ores and Minerals - Uranium
  • Automated Solvent Extractors
  • ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extractor
  • Reflux Extractor
  • Solvent Extractors

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  • Estimation of Iron in Pharmaceutical samples-A Solvent extraction study
  • Investigation of Solvent Extraction of Zinc
  • Avalon Announces Hydrometallurgical Process
  • Comparison of Solvent Extraction and Selective Precipitation
  • Growing Role of Solvent Extraction in Copper Ores Processing
  • Outlook
  • Copper Solvent Extraction Reagents, Past, Present and Future
  • Two-phase solvent extraction of PCBs and heavy metals (Cd, Cu) from contaminated soils
  • Solvent Extraction: A Potential tool for the separation of metals