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  • Aluminum powder (uncoated) is also known as aluminum powder, aluminum, aluminum flake, aluminum metal, metana. 
  • Aluminum powder is a light, silvery-white to gray, odourless powder. It is a reactive flammable material. 
  • Aluminum powder is a fine granular powder made from Aluminium. In form of powders, Aluminium is used for several applications such as manufacture of slurry, explosive and detonators, thermit process used for manufacture of ferro alloys and for specialised welding applications such as rails, pyrotechnic to manufacture crackers, sparkles and other pyrotechnic products; manufacture of aluminium paste, paints and several powder components used in automobiles. 
  • The most important property of aluminium powder to undergo a vigorous exothermic reaction when it gets oxidised finds application in pyrotechnic process. In foundry, aluminium powder is used as a deoxidant and exothermic tapping compounds to increase the yield of casting.
  • The aluminium powder is manufactured in several forms such as flake-like particles, granular powder (atomised aluminium) etc. For the production of aluminium powder, there are several processes, one can use any of them. 
  • Aluminium powder is used as a blasting agent and rocket fuel, as alkyl catalysts in the production of biodegradable detergents, as a precursor for aluminium chlorhydroxide and aluminium glycinate which are constituents of deodorants and anti-perspirants, as fillers for epoxies and as pigments in paints and inks. Approximately 1,200 tonnes was used in 2000 in metallurgical applications, which accounts for 2-3% of aluminium powder shipments in the U.S.A. 
  • Aluminum powders are used in paints, pigments, protective coatings, printing inks, rocket fuel, explosives, abrasives and ceramics; production of inorganic and organic aluminum chemicals; and as catalysts. Pyro powder is mixed with carbon and used in the manufacture of fireworks. The coarse powder is used in aluminothermics (thermite reaction). 
  • The aluminium powder is a consumable product. Presently there are four major organised manufacturers of aluminium powder. They are Metal Powder Company, Thirumangalam, INDAL, Mumbai, Khosla Metal Powder Company, Pune and Arasan Aluminium Industries, Sivakasi. In addition, there are a number of small scale industries located in Karnataka, M.P., Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi with an installed capacity of 1 tonne per day.
  • In a recent report of DSIR, the total production of aluminium powder in the country has been estimated at more than 10,000 MT per year. DGTD has estimated the growth of demand between 8 to 10% per annum.
  • The aluminium powder industry is of a remarkable size. There is a growing market for export of aluminium powder and paste. Good opportunities exist in the field of setting up new units in small scale sectors with proven technology and appropriate quality orientation.
  • Today, BAI is one of just a handful of companies in the world producing atomized aluminum powder.The plant capacity is about 25,000 tons per year, an increase of 316% over 25 years with a total investment of more than US $ 50 million 
  • During the last two years, India exported aluminium powder worth USD 91,317,727 with total quantity of 61,400,229. United States is the largest buyer of aluminium powder accounting for exports worth USD 19,646,061 followed by Belgium and Mexico which imported aluminium powder worth USD 14,996,955 and USD 6,792,095 respectively.
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