is native to Europe and is mainly a ground-hugging evergreen shrub reaching about eighteen inches in height. It has rooting stems, shiny elliptical leaves, and five-petaled violet-blue flowers. It often grows wild along roadsides and woodland borders or cultivated as a garden ornamental. The leaves are gathered in spring.

The Madagascar periwinkle
is larger, reaching thirty-two inches with glossy oval leaves and bright, white to red flowers. As its name suggests, it is a native of Madagascar; but it is now common in many tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, as well as in gardens. The herb and root are gathered in summer.

Nithya Kalyani 
The Plant is popularly known as Nithya Kalyani in Tamil. It is grown in Tamil Nadu in an area of 1000 hectares. The roots, leaves, and stem posses important life saving alkaloids - Vincristine &  Vinblastineforming the major constituents of patented Cancer Drugs especially for leukemia and hodgkin's disease. The Crop
is cultivated in watse lands and sandy tracts of southern tamil nadu.About 4500 tonnes of roots, stem and leaves are exported annually. The Crop is preferred

for cultivation due to its drought tolerance and its adaptability to saline and alkaline soils.

USA is the largest user 
of Catharanthus  roots and other countries importing this crop are Hungary, West Germany, Italy, Netherlands and U.K

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