Orithazh Thamarai

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  • Botanical name of Orithazh Thamarai is Hybanthus Enneaspermus which is a perennial herb or small shrub to 60 cm high.
  • Leaves are linear to lance-like, 1-5 cm long, margins recurved to revolute, occasionally flat; stipules acuminate, 1-4 mm long.
  • Pink-purple spade-shaped flowers occur solitary. Sepals 3-4 mm long. Lower petal broad spade-shaped, pink-purple, with deep purple veins.
  • Also called in different names such as spade flower, pink ladies slipper, munbora, Ratan Purush and it comes under the family Violaceae.
  • Whole plant is used for Medicinal purposes which is dried in shade & powdered. The teaspoon of this powder is then mixed in milk and taken in the mornings and evenings. This strengthens the body and helps in regaining the lost vitality.
  • Another usage includes that the root powder mixed with black pepper and drink to treat urinary disorders.
  • Leaf juice is mixed with goat’s milk to drink which cure bowel complaints andFruit is used to treat scorpion sting.
  • Orithazh Thamarai Chooranam is an excellent Siddha medicine that helps to increase libido, improve the quality of semen and in woman enhances milk secretion.
  • The plant is reported to possess tonic, diuretic and demulcent properties. The leaves decoction mixed with oil used in preparing a cooling liniment for the headache.
  • In general, the plant Hybanthus Enneaspermus have been widely used for  stress related disorders.
  • In Market, the drug sold under the name purusharatna consisted of whole plant with woody roots, stem , flowers and fruits.


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