Nagarmotha Oil

About Nagarmotha Oil

  • Nagarmotha: A detoxifying herb
  • Cyperus Root Oil
  • Motha or Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus)
  • Cyperus rotundus Linn
  • Cyperus ~ Cypriol India 
    Cyperus Scariosus
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Various Names:
Cyperus rotundus, CYPERUS ~ CYPRIOL INDIA ,Cypriol Root Oil ,Nagarmotha Oil, Cypriol Pure Essential Oil, MUSTA, Nut Grass, Nagaramustaka, bhadramusta

Nagarmotha Oil is used in perfumery compounds and in the manufacture of soaps, medicine, cosmetics and incense sticks (agarbatti). 
The use of Nagar motha essential oil is predominantly export oriented. Around 75% to 85% production is exported to European countries and the balance 15% to 25% production is utilized in domestic sector

Business Opportunities: Processing & Exporting
This project for processing Nagarmotha Oil is recommended to Entrepreneurs on the following basis:

The Nagarmotha Oil Project will be mainly export oriented. 
India is the only country in the world where Nagar motha herb is found as wild weed. 
Entrepreneurs can enter into Processing & Marketing Ngarmotha Oil without much risk of global competition.
The product of this unit will be essential oil required by perfumery industry all over the world. In addition drug & 
pharmaceutical industry also utilize this product. Since the end user industries are in growth oriented sector the future 
demand for this product is expected to rise according to Government & Business Sources