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  • ABELMOSCHUS MOSCHATUS Medikus is a medicinal and aromatic herb, found across the Deccan and the foothills of the Himalayas. It is an erect, annual herb. Its flowers are a bright yellow.
  • It is called Kasturibenda in Telugu, Kasturidana, Muskdana in Hindi, Kadu Kasturi in Kannada, Kattukasthuri in Malayalam, Muskbendibij in Marathi Gandapuri, Kasturilatika, Latakasturikam in Sanskrit, Kattukasthuri and Varttilai Kasturi in Tamil.
  • Ambrette Seed Abelmoschus moschatus is also known as Musk Ambrette, and is derived from the seeds of the muskmallow plant. It is a relative of hibiscus sometimes known as Hibiscus abelmoschus and is indigenous to India.The genus Abelmoschus has six species distributed in the South and South East Asia and in North Australia.
  • This plant is cultivated for its seeds, which have a characteristic musk-like odor. The seeds are the source of ambrette, an aromatic oil used in perfumery. The plant grows to about 3 feet with showy yellow flowers with crimson centers. The plant is indigenous to India and is cultivated throughout the tropics.
  • Ambrette seed oil has been used in Chinese medicine for treatment of headaches, and the seeds have been used in Egypt for breath fresheners. The oil is used in high-grade perfumery. The main constituent is a sesquiterpene alcohol, fornesol. The seeds are valued medicinally for their diuretic, demulcent and stomachic properties.
  • Ambrette is cultivated as pre-kharif crop in India.The musk mallow is widely cultivated in tropical climates for its many uses.The oil for perfumery is extracted by steam distillation of crushed seeds.
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