Herbs Seeds

Project Profile
  • Establishment of a herb production venture involves relatively high capital investment, particularly for plant material, irrigation, machinery and distillation or drying equipment.
  • The traditional paradigm of herbal usage in China incorporates three concepts that are relatively unfamiliar to Americans, but which can influence the way herbs are produced, marketed, and used in the US.
  • Herbs have cultural requirements similar to bedding plants and it should be easy for greenhouse growers to add herbs to their production schedule.
  • The most important requirements for herb plants are well-drained, rich soil and plenty of sunshine and adequate water.
  • The time to harvest herb seeds is when they have changed color-from green to brown, but before they drop.
  • Herb roots are most flavorful in the fall when fully developed, toward the end of the growing season.
  • The main requirements to produce medicinal herbs are the correct plant material, good horticultural/arable soils, irrigation, good shelter, harvesting equipment, a drier and drying shed, secondary sorting and processing equipment.
  • Rack drying is recommended for short-stemmed herbs and flowers such as thyme, oregano, lavender and scented geraniums.
  • Any herb can be preserved by Freezing method.
  • When harvesting flowers and seed heads for herbal crafts it can cut any time they are ready.
  • Some herbs can be propagated by layering. This basically means, you take a stem from the main plant and cause it root, forming a new plant.
  • Herb and flowers seeds are produced in small quantity that it is impractical to use a machine for threshing.
  • The germination rate of many agricultural seeds may be increased if exposed to alternations in daily temperature.
  • Medicinal herbs are widely used as diet supplements and in the treatment of illness.
  • Processing herbs to alter their properties is an ancient method used in TCM that is actually able to alter or enhance one or a number of specific biochemical constituents.
  • The floodplain forest of Litovelské Pomoraví is a semi-natural ecosystem endangered by human activity both in the past and the present. Its ecology has been investigated by analysing the herb layer.
  • Planting Guide
  • Listing of Seed and Garden Catalogs
  • Perennials Herbs
  • How to Propagate Herbs From Seed
  • Gourmet Seed International

Process & Application

  • Processing Chinese Herbs
  • Drying Herbs
  • Seed germination behavior of some medicinal plants of Lahaul and Spiticold desert implications for conservation and cultivation
  • Harvesting & Preserving Herbs
  • Conservation, Cultivation and Trade of Medicinal Herbs
  • Seed Processing & Storage
  • Medicinal Herb Seed and Root Sources
  • Impact of seed predators on the herb
  • Herb Layer as indicator of its ecological status


  • Herb Production in Organic Systems
  • Chinese Medicinal Herbs Opportunities for Domestic Production
  • Cilantro/Coriander yield trials
  • Crop Information
  • Goldenseal
  • Success with Container Production of Twelve Herb Species


  • Growers From China
  • Growers List
  • Growers From New York
  • Growers From Washington
  • Growers From India
  • Growers From Maharashtra


  • Herb seed Manufacturers
  • Suppliers Of Herb Seeds
  • Herb Seeds Suppliers
  • Herb Seed Suppliers
  • Organic Seed Suppliers
  • Wholesale Suppliers Of Herb Seeds


  • Effect of pre-sowing, temperature and light on the seed germination
  • Herbs Are More than A Garnish
  • Growing Your Own
  • Safety Issues Affecting Chinese herbs
  • Seed Production Report

Technology & Patent

  • A Microhistological Technique for Analysis of Food Habits of Mycophagous Rodents
  • Stocker Horticulture & hydroponic
  • Technique of Pneumatic pest control Analyses & a New Device
  • Propagation Techniques for Herb Gardeners
  • How to Grow an Herb Garden
  • Body Warmer For The Therapeutic Purposes Containing Whole Herb Seed


  • Growing Herbs in Wyoming
  • Herb Garden, Germinating Herb Seeds may make sense
  • Tips For Growing & Preserving Herbs in Arizona
  • Growing Herbs
  • Introduction to growing herbs for essential oils, medicinal and culinary purposes
  • Propagating Herbs
  • Propagating plants from seeds


  • Quality Control in the Production Chain Of Herbal Products
  • High Quality Herbs, Botanical Products For Healthy Life
  • Law On Seed & Plant Quality
  • Agriculture, Irrigation, Land Reforms, Forest and Medicinal Herb
  • Improvement of seed quality of medicinal plants and herbs in organic farming
  • Herb Growers Association


  • Farm Market Workshop B Medicinal Herb Production for Farm Marketers
  • The Herb and Spice Industry
  • National Market Analysis for Southwestern Herbs
  • The Herb Planted Seeds
  • Planning For Profit
  • Research and  Development Strategy for the Australian Herb and Spice Industry


  • Improving the Quality of Organic Herb
  • Habitat (Ecological) Protection and Rest
  • Seed and Nursery Production
  • Pot herb production
  • Youth Cooperative Toolkit