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  • Guarana (pronounced gwa-ra-NAH) is a creeping shrub native to Venezuela and northern Brazil in the Amazon rain forest. The fruit are small, bright-red, and contains black seeds.
  • Guarana seeds are rich in caffeine and contain up to 4-8% caffeine, more than coffee beans, which contain approximately 1–2.5% caffeine. The seeds are also rich in tannins and xanthine alkaloids theophylline and theobromine.
  • Guaraná is reputed to be a stimulant and increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance.
  • Guarana drinks and sodas are very popular in Brazil , almost as popular as cola-based sodas.
  • The influence of process variables, such as the convective airflow rate, extract feed rate, and air inlet temperature, on the quality of the dry extract was determined using the caffeine and moisture content for the process evaluation.
  • The caffeine content in the alcoholic and dried extracts was determined by capillary gas chromatography.
  • Thermogenesis refers to the body's production of heat, a normal part of metabolic processes and it can be enhanced by certain nutritional substances.
  • Caffeine was quantified spectrometrically by the method using a 2.5% solution of sulfuric acid as blank. Absorbances were measured at 271 nm.
  • Guarana´ has long been esteemed for its energetic and curative properties.
  • Extracts from the exotic fruit guarana showed excellent antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which could see the exotic berry making a move 
    into food preservatives.
  • In Brazil, the use of guarana by athletes is widespread, with claims of performance improvement, and it has also been adopted as a supplement in  the diet of racing horses.
  • Caffeine has been reported to reduce the ability to sleep at doses of 100mg at bedtime.
  • Due to the large amount of caffeine found in guarana, side effects are usually associated with caffeine assumption.
  • As guarana becomes more and more popular worldwide, as a main ingredient in energy drinks such as "Sobe" and “Rockstar”, conflict has risen between the local producers and distributors of guarana over rights to the marketing of the berry.
  • South Americans know all about guarana. In Brazil, guarana drinks are almost as popular as cola drinks. The companies are very up-front about what's in the drinks: everyone knows they are full of caffeine.
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  • Guarana Extract, 30% Caffeine, Powder
  • Guarana Powder
  • Paullinia cupana  Powder, 40-80
  • Guarana Seeds
  • Guarana Powder, 40-80


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