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  • Gambier is an extract obtained from the leaves and stems of "Uncaria Gambier" a plant which occurs in Asia both cultivated and wild. Uncaria Gambir is one of the best qualities for tanning purposes.
  • Native of the Malayan archipelago, Uncaria gambier shrubs are found in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the surrounding islands.
  • Gambier trees grow near rivers and forests. Leaves and branches can be collected after one year. Three to four harvests are done every year. Bark could also be collected but it has the effect of killing the tree.
  • Gambier belongs to catechic group. It contains catechic, epicatechic group along with anthocyanidol which give the characteristic reddish brown shade of Gambier. Impurities are glucoside and silicate compounds which are added when the liquid Gambier is poured into mould or to facilitate the spray drying.
  • The leaves of the plant contain a tannin called catechin which has a high pH value, making it acidic.
  • Traditional gambier is prepared by boiling the young leaves, pressing them to extract juice, making the juice into a concentrated form and drying it.
  • Cat’s claw is a large, woody vine that derives its name from hook-like thorns that grow along the vine that
    resemble the claws of a cat.
  • Cat’s claw is usually sold as dried bark or powder although it can also be sold as tablets, sweets, capsules and syrup, crushed, freeze-dried or in filter bags.
  • In India, gambier was used as skin lotions since, supposedly, remote times. The Malays also use gambier as a lotion and apply it to treat burns. In paste form, it is used to treat scurf. It has commonly been used by the Indians and Malays to treat diarrhoea and dysentery, and as a gargle for sore throat. In Borneo, gambier has been used in the treatment of sciatica and lumbago.
  • Gambier Catechu yields a colour known as "Cutch Brown" which is used for dyeing and tanning cotton, wool and silk. It is also used on leather, such as calf and kip skins. The common 'khaki' colour is obtained from it.
  • With the imported ‘gambier’ flooding the domestic market, the prices of katha continue to decline. Gambier is primarily required by the tanning industry as a pigment dye but it is being increasingly used as a substitute for katha even in edible items like pan masala.
  • In Indonesia, about 8 large estates with a total area of 1750-2000 ha accounted for most of the exports, and many smallholdings produced gambier for local consumption; som 6000-10000 ha were probably involved.
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  • Uncaria
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  • Gambier Generalities
  • Uncaria- Periodic Table
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  • Cat's Claw: Possibilities for a Peruvian Geographic Indicator
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  • Gambier Extract or Katha
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  • Biodegradation of Catechin
  • Antimicrobial activity of some natural dyes
  • Enzymic Oxidation of Catechin
  • Isolation and Properties of Catechol From White Fir Bark
  • Production of Maclurin From Acacatechin
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Patent and Technology

  • Anti-aging agent
  • Skin external preparation
  • Process for making green tea solids
  • Antiviral agent containing crude drug
  • Methods and compositions of areca catechu
  • Medicinal cosmetical composition with areca catechu seed extract
  • Isolation of a dual cox-2 and 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor from acacia
  • TGA Approved Terminology for Medicines
  • Condensed Tannins


  • Chinese Mood Elevator
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  • Uses of Cat's Claw
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  • Many Uses for Cat's Claw
  • Uses of Tannins in Chinese Medicine
  • Inventory of ingredients used in cosmetic products

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  • NWFPs production and status
  • Gambier posing threat to katha industry
  • Botanical Medicine Monographs and Sundry
  • Secret Societies and Chinese Business in Singapore
  • Cat's claw effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Cap That Cat Claw Problem
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