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Chirota Seeds :
Botanical Name : Cassia Tora Lin
Trade Name : Pawad
English Name : Ringworm Plant
Common Names: Foetid Cassia, Tora, Sickle, Senna, Sickle Pod, Coffee Pod, Tovara, Chakvad, Chakrmda
Chinese Name: Jiu ming zi
Medical Name: Semen Cassiae
It is Aperient, Germicide, Mucilaginous & Laxative. It is used as a coffee substitute and has a maturant and anodyne action. Useful in treating skin diseases like ring worm and itch and psoriasis. 

Galactomannans are plant-derived carbohydrate gums useful in diverse processes such as ice cream manufacture and concrete flow.
The main sources of galactomannans for industry are carob (Ceratonia siliqua), native to Mediterranean countries, and guar (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus), a native of India and Pakistan. Many other species have been examined for commercial potential . 
Very few species have achieved any commercial impact on the galactomannan market. One exception is gum sourced from Senna tora (Cassia tora) and S. obtusifolia (C. obtusifolia). Another new gum becoming traded on world markets is tara gum which has recently been produced in small amounts from the seeds of the tara tree, Caesalpinia spinosa, in Peru.

Research Institutions have introduced some potential sources of seed gum, which posses useful non-ionic and solution properties to be utilized for various industrial applications. It include Dhaincha gum from Sesbania bispinosa and cassis gum from Cassia tora and Cassia Siamea. These gums have been produced in India in handsome amount for varied industrial applications and export

Gum from Cassia Tora

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  • Potential for Seed Gum Production from Cassia brewsteri
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  • Institutions of Technology
  • Allelopathic influence of Cassia Tora Linn. & Tephrosea Purpurea Linn
  • Antioxidant activities of methanolic and hot-water extracts from leaves of three cultivars of Mai-Men-Dong (Liriope spicata L.)
  • Antishigellosis Activity of the Root Extracts of Cassia tora Linn
  • Ecological Characteristics
  • Salicylic acid
  • Botame - tracking herbs suppliers
  • The Shodhyatris
  • FDA Notification
  • Anti-psoriatic activity ofbenzene extract of Cassia tora

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