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  • Cannabis is a drug produced from the Cannabis sativa (commonly known as hemp) or Cannabis indica plant, which is related to nettles and hops.
  • It's believed to have originated in mountainous regions of India, and grows wild in many parts of the world.
  • Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica the main active chemical in cannabis is THC (delta-9 tetra hydro cannabinol).
  • Cannabis is a depressant drug.
  • Depressant drugs do not necessarily make you feel depressed.
  • Rather, they slow down the activity of the central nervous system and 
    the messages going  between the brain and the body.
  • When large doses of cannabis are taken it may also produce hallucinogenic 
  • Marijuana is the most common and least potent form of cannabis.
  • Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the plant
  • Hash oil is a thick, oily liquid, golden brown to black in colour, which is extracted from cannabis.
  •  Hash oil is the strongest form of cannabis.
  • Marijuana is smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes (joints), or in a pipe
  • Hashish is usually added  to tobacco and smoked, or baked and eaten in foods such as hash cookies.
  • Hash oil is usually spread on the tip or paper of a cigarette and then smoked.
  • Cannabis is most widely used as a illegal street drug for its relaxing properties
  • It is usually rolled into a cigarette known as a joint, but can also be smoked in a pipe, brewed as a tea or mixed with food
  • Cannabis and hash can also be smoked in a vaporizer.
  • Vaporizers heat cannabis to temperatures that release its active ingredients 
    while minimising the toxins associated with burning.
  • Cannabis has been used for medical purposes for many centuries.
  • It has been reported that cannabis may be useful to help conditions such  and vomiting, particularly when associated chemotherapy
    wasting and severe weight loss, in people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or anorexia nervosa, as it may be used as an appetite stimulant
  • We conclude that chronic cannabis abuse was the cause of the cyclical vomiting illness in all cases, including the previously described case of psychogenic vomiting.
  • History of cannabis in India
  • Cannabis indicia
  • IRS threatens to shut down medical cannabis
  • Cannabis ruderalis
  • Cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis


  • General and oral health implications of cannabis use
  • Medical uses of cannabis
  • Principles of responsible cannabis use
  • Medical uses of cannabis and thc
  • Why people use cannabis


  • Cannabis 300745
  • Entity beauty inc.
  • Cannabis fragrance
  • Hemp oil refined
  • Benzyl methyl ketone / piperonyl methyl ketone
  • Mmc cannabis test
  • Organic hempseed oil
  • Cannabis sativa seed oil
  • Hempseed carrier oil – organic (unrefined)


  • Colorado’s premier medical marijuana
  • Doc green's therapeutic healing cream
  • Cannabis (drug)
  • Hemp and cannabis
  • Californian medical cannabis
  • New 'cannabis' product crops up in stores
  • New Zealand bans synthetic cannabis
  • Cannabis products
  • Cannabis veterinary


  • Medicinal cannabis fatty foodstuff
  • Cannabinoid patch and method for cannabis transdermal delivery
  • Extraction of pharmaceutically active components from plant materials
  • Processes and apparatus for extraction of active substances and enriched extracts from natural products
  • Cannabinoid extraction method
  • Dual-chamber packaging systems for cannabis-infused products systems
  • Dna fingerprinting for cannabis sativa (marijuana) Cannabis aerosol
  • Compositions and methods for treating prostate disorders
  • Film-shaped muco adhesive administration forms
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  • Copenhagen wants to control cannabis
  • Cannabis farmers
  • Cannabis increasing as domestic production rises
  • Modelling disorganized crime
  • Cannabis market
  • Summary trend overview
  • Taxing the uk drugs
  • Troy dayton is on the forefront of the legal medical cannabis


  • Abrief history of cannabis
  • Cannabinoid hyperemesis: cyclical hyperemesis in association with chronic cannabis abuse
  • Acannabis chronology
  • Comments about adding a debilitating condition process
  • The effects of cannabis on information-processing speed
  • Effects of cannabis use on outcomes of psychotic disorders
  • Cannabis facts
  • Guidelines for cultivating cannabis for medicinal purposes
  • Hemp
  • Cannabis introduction
  • The history of marijuana and its use in spirituality
  • Submission of the drug monitoring unit


  • Cannabinoid hyperemesis
  • Acute cardiovascular fatalities following cannabis use
  • Cannabis toxicity and adverse biological activity
  • Chapter 4 toxic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids: review of the evidence
  • Effects of cannabis
  • Neuro protective effect of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component from cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis poisoning kills welsh addict
  • Swiss federal commission
    for drug issues
  • Tricyclic antidepressants and anti cholinergic