Project Profile
  • Betulin is an abundant naturally occurring triterpene. It is commonly isolated from the bark of birch trees and forms up to 30% of the dry weight of the extractive. Betulin and betulinic acid are naturally occurring substances found in a variety of plants but can be derived from the Birch and Plane trees in high concentrations.
  • Betulinic acid isn't very poisonous, is relatively inexpensive, and is abundantly available from the bark of white birch trees in the form of betulin. The compound is presently undergoing preclinical development.
  • Betulin, a powdery substance in the outer bark of the birch tree, has been shown to help wounds heal faster and cut inflammation. Betulin (> 98% purity) was obtained from Stanislaw Piela, Sylveco, Jasionka, Poland. Chemists identified betulin in bark some 200 years ago About 15 percent of birch bark is betulin. Betulin and betulinic acid is 100% natural extract from Birch bark.
  • Betulinic acid is a pentacyclic lupane triterpene, is a known natural compound with various biological effects.It has several botanical sources, but can also be chemically derived from betulin, a substance found in abundance in the outer bark of white birch trees.Hydrolysis of 2d with ethanol–KOH at refluxing temperature gave betulinic acid 2c in 89% yield.
  • The purified betulin was obtained by recrystallization from ethanol or isopropanol. Oxidation of lupane triterpene betulin readily available from the birch bark by bromine results in the oxidized form of bromoderivative.
  • Traditional ethnomedicine from around the world has used betulin containing trees in the treatment of ailments that range from pneumonia and malaria to syphilis, sterility and stomach aches.
  • Betulin and betulin derivatives may be useful in treating:Cadmium toxicity, HIV,Human melanoma and has good prospects for their application in medicine and pharmaceutics industry.
  • Betulin and betulinic acid, plant-derived triterpenoid compounds, have been described to possess anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Betulinic acid is an attractive and promising new lead compound for use against human melanoma and is currently undergoing preclinical development for treatment or prevention of malignant melanoma.Betulinic acid, a naturally occurring triterpene found in the bark of the white birch tree, has been demonstrated to induce programmed cell death with melanoma and certain neuroectodermal tumor cells.
  • Betulin possesses antiseptic, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, and other useful properties. Betulin has very competitive price with high quality.
  • The amounts of betulin and betulin acid are of commercial quantity and greater than that found in Midwestern birch
    Betulin are frequently excavated in prehistoric central and northern Europe can really be considered as birch bark pitch.
  • Betulinic acid is a novel anticancer drug with specificity for neuroectodermal tumors Quantity of betulin and betulinic acid are higher in the Alaska samples than in eastern North American paper birch.
  • In Russia, a company has developed a method to isolate betulin from birch bark and has been producing commercial quantities of the compound. The company currently sells cosmetics and food supplements containing betulin in Europe and Japan.
  • The University of Minnesota-Duluth’s Research Institute formed a partnership with an energy company and a paper company to develop and patent a process that would cost-effectively isolate pure betulin and other compounds from birch bark in large quantities.
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  • Pharmacology of Betulinic Acid
  • Birch bark Extract
  • Betulin
  • About Betulin
  • The Giving Tree

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  • Correlation of cytotoxic activity of betulinines and their hydroxy analogues
  • Study of  Chromatographic methods for Ginkgo Biloba and echinacea in food supplements
  • Novel Natural Product based anti-anxiety therapy and natural insecticides

Production & Extraction Process

  • Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Betulin and Other Compounds from Birch Bark
  • Betulin Isolation from Activated Birch-Bark and Testing of its Biological Activity
  • Oxidizing Bromination of Betulin
  • Cost-Effective, Proprietary Extraction of Betulin and Betulinic Acid from Birch Bark
  • Studies in organic archaeometry III 1. Prehistoric adhesives: alternatives to birch bark pitch2 could be ruled out
  • Betulinic Acid Suppresses Carcinogen-Induced NF- B Activation Through Inhibition of I B Kinase and p65 Phosphorylation: Abrogation of Cyclooxygenase-2 and Matrix Metalloprotease-9
  • Synthesis of phthalates of betulinic acid and betulin with cytotoxic activity
  • Differential regulation of soyasaponin and betulinic acid production by yeast extract in cultured licorice cells
  • Production of Betulin and Fatty acid from Birch Bark
  • Studies in organic archaeometry III 1. Prehistoric adhesives: alternatives to birch bark pitch2 could be ruled out


  • Activation of Mitochondria and Release of Mitochondrial Apoptogenic Factors by Betulinic Acid
  • Differential effect of Betulin and Betulinic acid on Cytokine Production in Human Whole Blood cell culture
  • Synthesis of phthalates of betulinic acid and betulin with cytotoxic activity
  • Betulinic Acid-induced Programmed Cell Death in Human Melanoma Cells Involves Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Activation
  • Improvement of Excretion Methods and Studying the Composition and Properties of Birch Bark Extracts
  • Reciprocal regulation of eNOS and NADPH oxidase by betulinic acid in human endothelial cells
  • Simple synthesis of allobetulin, 28-oxyallobetulin and related biomarkers from betulin and betulinic acid catalysed by solid acids
  • Synthesis of a New Triterpenoid – Steroid Hybrid Molecule from Betulin

Patent & Technology

  • Antiangeogenic Activity of Betulinic Acid and its derivatives
  • Cosmetic Compositions Containing Betulinic Acid
  • Method of Preparing and Use of Propdrugs of Betulinic Acid derivatives
  • Extracting Betulinic Acid from ZiZiphus Jujura
  • Use of Betulinic Acid and its Derivatives for Inhibiting Cancer Growth and a Method of Monitoring this
  • Use or Betulin and Analogs Thereof to treat Herpes Virus Infection
  • Method for Manufacturing Betulinic Acid
  • Process for Obtaining Betulinic Acid
  • Method for Producing Betulinic Acid
  • Determination of Major Phenolic Acids, Phenolic Diterpenes and Triterpenes in Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
Product & Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Betulahepat
  • Betulair
  • Betuline
  • Betusil
  • Chaga
  • Diabetulin
  • Betulin and Betulinic Acid Bulk
  • Superantitox
  • Tubelon
  • Betulin MSDS


  • Birch Herb Description - Drug Interactions, Dosage and Some of Its Useful Properties - Ayurveda
  • Biological activity of pentacyclic triterpenes
  • Anticancer Properties of Birch Bark Compounds
  • In Vitro Cytotoxic Properties of Grewia Tiliaefolia Bark Lupeol
  • Phytochemical and Antinociceptive Properties of Matayba elaeagnoides


  • Anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Activity of YK-FH312 (a Betulinic Acid Derivative), a Novel Compound Blocking Viral Maturation
  • Biologically active pentacyclic triterpenes and their current medicine signification
  • Betulinic Acid Suppresses Carcinogen-Induced NF- B Activation Through Inhibition of I B Kinase and p65 Phosphorylation: Abrogation of Cyclooxygenase-2 and Matrix Metalloprotease-9
  • Betulinic Acid Inhibits Maturation of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Gag Precursor Assembled In Vitro
  • Betulinic Acid-induced Mcl-1 Expression in Human Melanoma – Mode of Action and Functional Significance
  • In vitro evaluation of the cytotoxic and trypanocidal activities of Ampelozizyphus amazonicus
  • Protective Effects of Triterpene Compounds Against the Cytotoxicity of Cadmium in HepG2 Cells

Report & Market

  • Biotransformation of the Antimelanoma Agent Betulinic Acid by Bacillus megaterium
  • Chemical Constituents from Terminalia glabrescens
  • Luxenchalcone, a New Bichalcone and other Constituents from Luxemburgia octandra
  • Pharmacological potential of Albizzia lebbeck: A Review
  • Recent advances in the discovery and development of plant-derived natural products and their analogs as anti-HIV agents
  • A Study to Investigate the Potential for Development of Non-Timber Forest Products and Values from the Boreal Forests of Newfoundland
    and Labrador
  • Annual Report on the genetics of Wildlife
  • Market in the Raw
  • Market and Product Development for Birch Timber and Non-Timber Products: Current Status and Potential in British Columbia


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