Ayurvedic Industry

UNIDO Drugs and Pharmaceutical Cluster of Ahmedabad.
Health Technology Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy, Vaccines and other Biologicals, Polio Eradication, Immunization Coverage, Blood Safety and Clinical Technology.
Medicinal plants Re-emerging Health Aid, National Activities Concerning Medicinal plants, International concerns and issues.
Indian System Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy, Health Care Services, Development of Human Resources, Preservation, Promotion and Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Quality Control of Drugs.
Ayurvedic_Institutions Ayurvedic Institutions on the Internet
Medicinal Plants Board Operational Guidelines for Financial Assistance through National Medicinal Plants Board, Market Scenario of Medicinal Plants, Promotional and Commercial Schemes.
Ayurvedic Industry Promoting Sustainable Management : Case study, Ayurvedic System of Medicine, Overview of Industry, Trends in Demand and Supply, Responsible Institutions, potential Applications.
Traditional Health Systems Indigenous Medical Knowledge : the Law and Politics of Protection, South Africa & AIDs Drugs.
Scales of Economy Sep Box - The Economy of Total Fractionation, Customized Solutions,
SEPIAtec Separation, Innovation and Automation, High Throughput Purification for Drug Discovery, Sepbox, Customized Automation Solutions,
Sepmatix Efficacy that matters Sepmatix.
WHO Strategy WHO strategy for Traditional Medicine, Traditional medicine in Developed World, Policy, Safety, Efficacy and Quality, Rational Use.
Chemi Nutra Main Products and Marketing Efforts.
Coleus Forskohlii Description, Cultivation Region in India, Application.
Company Profiles Ayush Herbs - Main Products and Company Statement.
Organic by Nature Product Line and Company Statements.
Polyphenolics Products, Company Description and News.
Soft Gel Technologies Products, Company History, Services and Quality Assurance.
Enzymes & Biochemicals Products and Company Description.
SSP -Faridabad Company Details, Exports, products and Turnkey projects.
Client Needs Websites and Institutions.
Ayurveda News Ayurveda Approach to common Cold, Best Ayurveda Product, Medicinal plants, Contacts.
Drug Quality Control Criteria, Good Manufacturing Practices.
Economic Transformation Ethno-Medicinal Practices and Sustainable Development, Opportunities for Natural Medicine - Indian situation.
GMP Notification Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy, Good Manufacturing Practices for Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Medicines.
Herb Production Herb Production in Organic Systems - the beginning Organic Producer, Harvesting wild herbs, Research on Forest Botanicals, Herb Marketing, USDA projects.
Herbal Medicine Herbal Medicine Scenario, Market, Role of WHO, Standardization of Herbal Medicines.
Dangers & Toxicity An Introduction to Herbal Medicine, The differences between Allopathic use of Herbs and Traditional Herbal Medicine.
Herbs & Herbal Components National Toxicology Program- Fact Sheet, Herbs and Herbal Components under study by NTP.
History History and Philosophy of Ayurveda, Principles of Ayurvidic Aetio-Pathology, Principles & Practices of Ayurvidic Medicines, Purification and Rejuvenation Theory, Ayurvedic Pharmacology, Ayurvedic Formula and Preparations.
Pharmaceutical - India Production, Domestic Demand, Exports / Imports, Research and Development, Companies, drug Policy, Related Laws & Institutes.
National Policy Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeopathy.
Manufacturers Present Status of Herbal medicine in Bangladesh, Unani, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Facts.
Douglas Manufacturing Practices and Certification, The marketing and Sales Advantage
Market Demands Marketing of Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Products of Nepal in Domestic and international Markets, Marketing Channels and Demands.
ISM -Indian systems of Medicine Indigenous Knowledge and Benefit Sharing, Commercialization of ISM, Medicinal Plants Exported from India.
Ayurvedic Medicine -Germany Methods and Results.
Medplant News Traditional Medicine Use & Health Worker Training, Development of Methodology for Sustainable Harvesting of Medicinal plants in India and Nepal.
National Standards National Standards for Organically grown Plants and their Products.
Organic Certification Feasibility Assesment - Organic Certification of Members of Grower Forum, Products for Plant Pests and Diesel Control.
Company Profile Pharmaceuticals - Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines.
Pharma Industry Building Business based on Parma Industries Interest.
About Ayurveda All India based Organization engaged in the Production and Export of Ayurvedic Herbs, Natural Herbal Supplements, Medicinal Herbs and Others.
Herbal Medicines Project Summary.
Punarnava -2006 Ayurveda - where Science meets Consciousness.
Ayurvedic Products Quality Ayurvedic Products - Kerala.
Quality Parameters Ayurvedic Drug Industry for Compliance to Quality Parameters.
Web Sites Featured Websites for Ayurvedic, Health & Medicine.
Links Links to Ayurvedic Medicines manufacturers