Annatto Seeds

Synonyms: Bixa acuminata, B. americana, B. odorata, B. platycarpa, B. purpurea, B. tinctoria, B. upatensis, B. urucurana, Orellana americana, O. orellana
Common names:Achiote, achiotec, achiotl, achote, annatto, urucu, beninoki, bija, eroya, jafara, kasujmba-kelling, kham thai, onoto, orleanstrauch, orucu-axiote, rocou, roucou, ruku, roucouyer, unane, uruku, urucum, urucuru
About the Product
 Plant Family, Parts used, etymology, origin, identification by spectroscopy, uses as vegetable dye, as a forest produce
 Research Studies
Carotenoids , Carotenoids in Natural Products, Exposure Information, Chemistry of Natural Dyes, Production of Food Colorants
Medicinal Uses: Cholesterol Control & Tradional Medicine
Food Ingredient
 Ingredients for Coloring various food items, dairy products, annatto oil in food preparation
Processing / Extraction
Solvent Extraction , Supercritical Process for extraction , extraction of Bixin
Business Opportunities
Business Opportunities, Trade leads, Markets, Manufacturing Companies, Importers & Potential Users