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Gums are defined as polymeric material that can be dissolved or dispersed in water to give a thickening and gelling effect. These  are colloidal in nature and referred  as hydrophilic colloids or hydrocolloids.

Resins are solid or semi-solid materials, usually a complex mixture of organic compounds called terpenes, which are insoluble in water but soluble in certain organic solvents..

Some of the Products are: Agar-agar, Arabic, Alginate, Carrageen , Gelatin, Guar, Karaya , Locust bean, Pectin, Tragacanth ,Psyllium seed, Starches such as tapioca, sago and arrowroot), Larch , Quince seed ,Furcellaran, Ghatti etc

The Natural Gums & Rosins are widely used in food industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, 
Cosmetic industry & chemical industry.
Rosins are used in  the paper industry, the pharmaceutical industry  the paint & the ink industry. They are also used in balms, natural coatings, cosmetics and glue products.
There are synthetics substitutes in the gum industry xanthan gum ,  carboxymethyl cellulose and several others.
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Natural Gums, Rosins, Tapioca, Sago, arrowroot, Alginate, Karaya
Carrageenan, Furcellaran, 
Psyllium seed, Pectin, Gelatin.....

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