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  • Zeolites are minerals that have a microporus structure.
  •   Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. 
  • The synthesis conditions were optimized to obtain highly crystalline zeolite with maximum BET surface area.
  • Commercially available natural zeolites are usually of the clinoptilolite (clino) variety which is known chemically as hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates.
  • Zeolites contribute to a cleaner, safer environment in a great number of ways. 
  • Synthetic and natural Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates with symmetrically stacked alumina and silica tetrahedra which result in an open and stable three-dimensional honey-comb structure with a negative charge.
  • Zeolites are used in Animal Feed Supplements, Water Treatment, Radioactive Waste Treatment, Pollution Control, Pet Litter and Odor Control, Agriculture, Slow-Release Fertilization, Zeoponics, Soil Amendment, Miscellaneous Agricultural Applications, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Thermal Storage and Solar Refrigeration, Natural Gas Purification, Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds.
Types And Properties
  • Structure and types
  • Kinds of Zeolites
  • Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types
  • Structure And Characterization
  • Physical/Chemical Properties
  • Ecosand Soil Amendment
  • Properties Of Zeolite
  • Structural, electronic and bonding properties of Zeolite Sn-Beta
Hazards And Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Material Safety Data sheet
  • Molecular Sieve- Material safety Data Sheet
  • Zeolite H- Mordenite Powder
  • Zeolite Data Sheet
  • Natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite MSDS
  • Safety considerations for Zeolite synthesis
  • Zeolite- Latest MLM Anticancer Scam
More Information
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  • Zeolite Links
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  • Database of Zeolite structure
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Company Profiles
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Plant Details
  • NRDC Plant Information
  • Principles of Catalysis
  • Zeo-Tech Enviro Corp. Profile
  • Honeywell Company
  • St Cloud Zeolite Mining Operations
  • The Removal Of Heavy metals Cations By Natural Zeolites
  • Bear River Zeolite Applications
  • Effect of Zeolite on Seedling Production
  • Commercial And Domestic Uses
  • Performance of Zeolite Based Products in Ethylene Removal
  • Zeolite in Plant Growth
  • Fertilizer
  • Advantages Of Zeolite-A
  • Activated Zeolite For Turf Maintenance, Renovation And Construction
  • Synthetic Zeolite-Zeolite - A
  • New Zeolite Synthesis Technology
  • Co2 Separations Using Zeolite Membranes
  • Surfactant Modified Zeolite Pilot Project
  • Epithelial Cell Cancer Drug-US Patent
  • Method of immobilizing a protein to a Zeolite
  • Method of cementing a well using composition containing Zeolite
  • Process for the production of Zeolite membranes
  • Thin Zeolite Membrane
Market Details
  • Nalco to make detergent grade Zeolite
  • Roskill Market Report
  • Zeolite Chemistry and Engineering Catalysis Research
  • Sasol Olefins & Surfactants
  • Natural Zeolite
  • Desalination Using Zeolite Membranes
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  • Evaluation of Aspha-Min Zeolite For use in Warm Mix Asphalt
  • Energy Efficient Catalytic Reaction and Production of Cumene
  • Zeolite Potential in British Columbia
  • Consultants & Experts 
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  • Chemical Consultants Network
  • United Technology Consultants
  • Specialists in Adsorption & Catalysis
Production Process
  • Zeolite From Fly ash
  • Development of Zeolite for non-phosphated detergents
  • Process for production of Zeolites from raw materials
  • Zeolite Formation
  • Life Cycle Inventory for the Production of Zeolite 
  • Production Process in Western Europe
  • Zeopro
  • Advera Specialty Zeolites
  • China Zeolite Products
  • Activated Liquid Zeolite
  • Zeolite Powders
  • Bij Zeolite Products
  • Perlite And Zeolite Products
  • Standard Zeolite Products
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  • Zeolite Products For Animal Waste Management
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