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Iodine Recovery

      Information overview
      • Iodine and its derivatives are indispensable in a wide range of nutritional, pharmaceutical and industrial applications
      • Around 6 thousand metric tons of iodine are being recycled annually and sold back to the merchant market as fresh product, mostly to the same companies who originated the recyclable iodine stream . This amount corresponds to approximately 18% of the total world iodine demand, and is additional to the internal recycling done by iodine users, who have included iodine recovery as part or of their regular productive processes.
      • Main drivers for recycling are savings in costs as well as environmental and regulatory considerations
      • Iodine recovery sources are: Chemical synthesis where iodine is used as an intermediate
      • Iodine recycling from production of fluorochemicals
      • Iodine recycling from organic molecule synthesis
      • Iodine recycling from production of LCD optical film polarizers
      • Iodine producers play a major role in iodine recycling, leading recovery worldwide.
      • About Iodine
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      • Iodine Chemistry & Applications

      Project Information
      • Project consisting of Iodine recovery
      • Commercial iodine recovery
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      Technology Information
      • Extraction methods for iodine from crude oil
      • Submerged Combustion Process
      • Iodine 125 production
      • Iodine 129
      • Liquid membranes, iodide separation
      • Separation and Recovery of Iodine from Aqueous Solution
      • Sulphur Iodine Process
      • Iodine from the Waste Rinse Water
      • of the Semiconductor Industry

      Technology Sources
      • Company with technology
      • about Iodine extraction agreement
      • Processing Brine streams
      • Specialist in the exploration and production of iodine and specialty chemical iodine derivatives
      • Water Splitting
      • Iodine Recovery
      • Apparatus for recovery of Iodine
      • Iodine recovery from solutions containing Iodine salt
      • Recovery & Purification of Iodine
      • Iodine recovery from Organic Iodides
      • Process for the recovery of Iodine
      • Method of recovery of Iodine
      • Recovery of Iodine from Process Stream
      • Iodine recovery method & recovery apparatus
      • Recovery of Radioactive Iodine
      Market Scenario
      • Global Iodine Recycling Scenario
      • World Iodine Production
      • Production & Consumption
      • Iodine production and
      • industrial applications
      • Iodine Global Network
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