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Chafing Gel Fuel



Project Profile
  • Chafing Gel fuel is a compound of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and organic pulp (cellulose). The composition of the fuel by weight is
    ethanol   (76 %), cellulose (5 %) and water    (19 %).
  • Chafing fuel is a fuel used for heating food, typically placed under a chafing dish. It is usually sold in a small canister and burned directly within that canister, with or without a wick.
  • Chafing gel fuel is the best choice for the scientific research, the navigation, the fishery, the building work site, the pedal mounting, the traveling, the geology, the school, the ordinary test chamber, chemical test, the medical health, the army military training, the out-door worker and so on.
  • The patented technology is being offered for the production of chafing gel fuel
  • The use of gel fuel for heating up pressing irons when doing laundry was quite prevalent. On average, 26 % of the gel fuel burning time was used for ironing as compared to 17 % with paraffin. Gel fuel was significantly preferred for ironing than paraffin.
  • There are many of varieties in which chafing fuel is sold
  • The hospitality industry is a high growth industry and Chafing Fuel has the maximum demand from this sector
  • Buying in bulk or in small quantities is made possible as the chafing fuel cans are available from 100 grams to 200 grams and the tins weigh up to 14kg. 
  • Depending on the requirement of a hotel or restaurant, chafing fuel can be purchased at an affordable price.
  • With an expanding market, and a very clear target market,chafing fuel has great potential 

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