Cashew Nut Shell Liquid


  • Cashew nut shell liquid is a by-product of the cashew industry. The shell of the nut contains a dark reddish brown viscous liquid. It is called the cashew nut shell liquid
  • The CSNL content of the raw nut varies between 20 and 25 percent.
  • There are more than 200 patents for its industrial application, in particular, its use as raw material for phenolic resins and friction powder for the automotive industry
  • Cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) consists  unsaturated phenolic compounds, anacardic acid (90%) and cardol (10%) with minor amounts of 2-methyl cardol.
  • Three different methods used in extracting cashew nut shell liquid from cashew nuts are mechanical, roasting and solvent extraction. The processes used are mainly hot-oil and roasting in which the CNSL oozes out from the shell.
  • CNSL finds a wide array of applications such as friction linings, paints & varnishes, laminating resins, rubber compounding resins, cashew cements, polyurethane based polymers, surfactants, foundry chemicals and intermediates for chemical industry.
  • CNSL exhibits potent antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria and weak antifungal activity against molds. Traditionally it is to treat such scurvy, sores, warts, ringworm and psoriasis. It could be a source of new antimicrobial agents, especially for use in foods and cosmetics.
  • The production potential for the product is very high. The total production of raw cashew nut in the country could be as much as 2 lakh tonnes and at 10% recovery by weight, the production potential for C.N.S.L is as much as 20,000 tonnes.
  • The use of this oil by indigenous industry is at present limited, however an upward trend has been noticed. U.K. USA and Japan were the large scale buyers of this commodity until recently but due to changes in technology, UK and USA have stopped buying this product from India. At present, Japan and Republic of Korea buy a sizeable quantity of this commodity from India.
  • Cashew nut processing industries are one of the promising sectors producing valuable commodity exported to Gulf, European and Western countries.
  • India has the potential to produce about 150,000 tonnes of CSNL a year. But only 45000 tonnes of CSNL are currently produced
  • The production in India is limited to Karnataka, Goa, South Arcot & Kanyakumari districts in Tamil Nadu and Kollam in Kerala.
  • Technology is very well established and is available from Machinery suppliers
  • After extracting the CNSL, the cashew nut shells can be burned to provide heat for the decorticating operation or can be used in the manufacture of agglomerates. Together with the testa, it may be used either in the manufacture of dyestuff or to provide durability to hammocks and fishing lines.
  • Investment:
    Medium – High investment. (Investment in Plant and Machinery is in the range of $ 50000 - $150000 depending upon the capacity
  • The main markets for CNSL are the United States, the European Union (mainly the United Kingdom)Japan and the Republic of Korea. Together these account for over ninety percent of world trade, most of which is supplied by India and Brazil.


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    Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Prepolymer- A Comparative Study with Spindle Oil
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