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Essential Oils Extraction

Processes, Machinery & Equipments:
 -Enfleurage for jasmine or tuberose
-Steam, water or dry distillation
 -Solvent Extraction: Extracting delicate oils that can be damaged by distillation or other methods using solvents to dissolve the oils.
 -Supercritical Fluid Extraction using Carbon dioxide  
-Concretes : Extraction by     hydrocarbon-type solvents
 -Resinoids : Extraction with a hydrocarbon solvent petroleum ether or hexeme
-Absolutes : Second process of solvent extraction from the concrete. Subjected to repeated treatment with alcohol resulting in highly concentrated viscous liquids
 -Pomades : True pomades are produced using a process known as enfleurage;an alcohol extraction of the fragrance-saturated fat to produce the pure absolute or perfume
 -Naturol Technology
 -Quality Control Equipments
Top Essential oils Traded in the World Market: Orange , Cornmint , Eucalyptus cineole -type, Citronella , Peppermint Lemon, Eucalyptus citronellal-type ,
Clove leaf, Cedarwood (US),  Litsea cubeba, Sassafras (Brazil) ,Lime distilled (Brazil), Native spearmint ,
Cedar wood (Chinese), Lavandin Sassafras (Chinese), Camphor Coriander, Grapefruit Patchouli.....

Global Market: There are  300 firms in the flavoring and fragrance industry worldwide. The top six international companies control 60% of the world sales about 14 Billion USD. 
The United States is the largest user of essential oils. The demand for essential oils is increasing, and the major reason is the growing popularity of aromatherapy.
Distributors, Processors, Wholesalers play Key role & their database is available. Market Survey Reports, Company Database, Trade Portals of Internet facilitate Buyer & Seller to transact business easily.
Industry Facts:
 Plants yield between 0.01% and 2.0% essential oil. 
So 20 ha of land minimum is required to get into this trade. 
The capital costs of individual producers having the capability of steam distillation of essential oils are high at about a million Indian Rupees. 

Data Base Contents

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  • Essential Oils overview
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  • MSDS
  • Safety
  • Pesticide residues
  • Essential Oil Testing
  • Analyzing Essential Oil Compounds
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Equipment Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Steam Distillation Plants
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  • Extractions from Spices, Herbs & Medicinal Plants