Papain from Papaya


Papain is obtained from the dried latex of the papaya 
fruit -Carica papaya L. 
It is the protease which is most commonly used for the food processing applications 
Papain is used in the pharmaceutical industry, the food processing industry and  has veterinary applications such as deworming of cattle. 
Papain is also used in the tanning of leather and has applications in the paper and adhesive industries as well as in sewage disposal. 
Uses are also in brewing industry & in the meat industry for the tenderization of meat.

Processing :
Involves collection & extraction of Latex, Drying - sun drying or oven drying or spray drying - and determining enzyme activity for export. Higher activity fetches better price.

Although synthetic substitutes are available at lower cost, the demand for papain is still strong as a food ingredient since it is perceived as a natural product. Papain is sold in both liquid and powdered form.

Major Exporters:
Zaire, Tanzania, Uganda and Sri Lanka.

Major Importers:

United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Belgium and

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