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  • Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of some members of a lower group of plants, known as fungi
  • The exotic flavour and taste and fleshiness of mushroom have made it an important delicacy in human diet.
  • Nutritionally, it is rich in proteins, vitamins (B, C and D) and minerals. Cholesterol and sodium content of mushroom is low. It is also known 
    to have medicinal values and certain varieties of mushrooms can inhibit growth of cancerous tumor
  • Of the various types of mushrooms presently cultivated in the world, eight are important. These are : button, oyster, straw, shikate, woody ear, winter, silver ear and nameko. These account for 99 per cent of the total world production of mushrooms.
  • In India only three types, namely, button, oyster and straw mushrooms are commercially cultivated.
  • Government Support is available
  • The lack of marketing avenues for mushrooms is a cause for the lack of interest among farmers in taking up cultivation.
  • The major importers of canned button mushroom are Germany, USA, France, Belgium Sweden, Norway and UK
  • The major exporters are Holland, China, France, Spain, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea
  • Though India’s present share in world production and trade of button mushroom is meager, its future potential is rated as high
  • The size of the units that are being set up in India have production capacities ranging from 250 to 3500 tonnes of fresh button mushrooms per year.
  • There are number of Institutions providing consultancy services and Training Opportunities
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Products & Uses
  • Mushroom education packet - Lectures & work book
  • Picking Mushrooms
  • Cultivation of Oyster Mushrooms
  • Integrated Pest Management in Mushroom Production. -practical aspects of IPM in mushroom growing- how unique features of mushroom crops can be used in IPM - how the theory of IPM can be applied effectively
  • Oyster Cap Mushrooms
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  • Button Mushroom for Export - Model Project outline
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  • Mushrooms Market
  • Industry in Ireland
  • Exporters - trade leads
  • A Mushroom Production Forecasting Model
  • Mushroom cultivation & marketing - USA market channels, demand & financial analysis
  • Mushroom demand analysis - mathematical estimation
  • Factors Affecting U.S. Mushroom Consumption
  • US Suppliers Note
  • Importers Risk Analysis
  • Commodity Highlight: Mushrooms
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  • Therapeutic mushroom growing  in India
  • Vegetable & Fruit Processing Industry in India
  • Industry in Himachal Pradesh
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  • Trends in Agricultural Marketing in India

Regulatory Issues

  • Good Management Practice for growing, harvesting & Packing Mushrooms
  • Hygiene Guidelines
  • Anti dumping Measures taken in USA
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  • Oyster mushroom
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  • IQF Shitake Mushroom Supplier
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  • Developing Technology to Grow Mushrooms from Recycled Urban Waste