Mango Pulp

Project Profile
  • Mango is a tropical fruit and is seasonal. Fresh fruits are available during the season.
  • Mangoes are also processed in to mango pulp and are exported to the global markets.
  • Mango nectar is defined as the dilution of pure, single strength mango pulp with sugar, water and/or preservatives to make a beverage that has a certain percentage of pure mango pulp.
  • To manufacture mango pulp, only fresh, ripe and non-mouldy fruit should be used.
  • The mango pulp collected is then heated, through a process called pasteurization, to kill harmful microorganisms.
  • Mango pulp finds vast application in the food industry and also at homes.
  • It is used in the bakery products in fruit breads, donuts, pie filling, icing, cakes and is also used in muffins and tarts.
  • Mango pulp is also used for making beverages such as fruit drinks, milkshakes and a variety of refreshing jams and jellies.
  • Alphonso Mango pulp is also used for ice creams, desserts, fruit bars, toppings, yogurt, puddings and other dairy products.
  • Mango pulp is as baby fruit meal, salad dressings, fruit drinks, and is also mixed with frozen spray powder to make delicious dishes.
  • The benefit of mango processing is that recovery can be maximized because the mango pulp can be utilized for several product lines.
  • India has exported fresh mangoes and its pulp to the tune of Rs127croresandRs510crores, respectively in 2007-08.
  • The analysis results indicates that Indian mango pulp price is determined by top 10 countries of high quantity imports and high total value imports.
  • Mango pulp is produced from specific varieties of mangoes - Totapuri,AlphonsoandRaspuri.
  • India is the largest grower of the most widely recognized variety of mango (Alphonso) used in pulp manufacture.
  • The country also dominates the world market for mango pulp with over 113,000 MT of production and a 67% share of world exports.
  • The largest share of mango pulp (25%) goes to the Middle East, followed by Southeast Asia and North America.
  • The European Union buys relatively small quantities, just 4% of world exports.
  • Mango “drink” is another category of beverage made from mango pulp.
  • Mango pulp is used as a food ingredient, primarily for juice and nectar manufacturers, but also in dairy and bakery products.
  • Mango pulp is gaining in popularity in western markets simply by virtue of the fact that more and more consumers are buying fresh mango fruit and are becoming familiar with its taste.
  • The US juice market now consistently uses mango pulp in its orange juice blends.
  • A thin layer dryer was used to dry the foamed mango pulp.
  • Being the cheapest among several methods of preservation, chemical preservation of mango pulp is the most common and widely used in Pakistan.
  • Since sugars are already available in a degradable form in mango pulp and yeast cells can metabolize sugars directly, these substrates are inexpensive to use.
  • Mango pulp production is possible in Mali. The process is relatively simple, involving seven basic
    steps; washing, destoning, thermal treatment, homogenization, deaeration, pasteurization and
 General Information
  • About Mango
  • Mangifera indica (mango)


  • Estimation of Moisture Sorption Isotherms of
    Mango Pulp Freeze- dried
  • Extraction of mango pulp
  • Mango Pulp Processing
  • Processed Mango Sector


  • Optimization of ethanol production from mango pulp
    using yeast strains isolated from “taberna”: A Mexican
    fermented beverage
  • Effect of Enzyme Treatments and Concentration of Mango Pulp on its Flow Behavior
  • Textural characteristics of mango soymilk fortified yoghurt and its optimization
  • Effect of preservatives on physicochemical, microbial and sensory attributes of mangoes
  • Purification, Characterization and effect of Physico chemical agents on the stability of amylase from mango pulp


  • Studies on Microbial and Sensory Quality of Mango Pulp Storage with Chemical Preservatives
  • Piper betle Lin. Oil as Botanical Treatment to Control Mango Pulp Weevil
  • Studies on Physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory evaluation of mango pulp storage with chemical preservatives
  • Studies on the development of beverages using fruit juice/
    pulp, separated milk and reconstituted skim milk
  • Studies on microbial and sensory quality of mango pulp storage with chemical preservatives
  • Thin Layer Drying Study on Foamed Mango Pulp

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Patent & Technology

  • Processed mango juice and beverage containing it
  • Two Phase Beverage Comprising Encapsulated Fruit Pulp
  • Apparatus for extraction of juice and pulp from plant products
  • Process for manufacturing recently extracted fruit pulp, packing method and the product obtained thereby
  • Sorption Isotherms of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Pulp Freeze- dried
  • Physical and chemical characteristics of off vine
    ripened mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit (Dodo)


  • Rheological Behavior of
    Pineapple and Mango
    Pulps: effect of the measuring systems
  • Physico-Chemical microbiological and sensory stability of chemically preserved mango pulp
  • Partial properties of polyphenol oxidase in mango pulp

Application & Product

  • Application of Thermal Properties to Predict Chilling Injury of Mango Fruits
  • Frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp
  • Garden Fresh Pure Natural Alphonso Mango Pulp
  • Mango pulp totapuri
  • Pasteurized mango (Mangifera indica) pulp (Frozen)
  • Specifications of Kesar Mango Pulp
  • Mango Pulp (Natural)

Project Information

  • Freeze Dried Fruit Juice Powder/Slices/Dices
  • Canned Mango Pulp
  • Mango and other fruits and vegetables processing
  • Pre-Feasibility - Mango Pulping Unit and Dry Mango Products
  • Project profile on mango processing & canning unit
  • Pre-Feasibility Study - Mango Pulp

Market Scenario

  • Fair trade mangoes from India
  • Progress and Potential of Mango Pulp Industry in India
  • Mango pulp and nectar processing in mali
  • Horticulture Marketing News
  • Mango: Post-harvest Operations
  • Fruits & Vegetables Sector


  • Food Processing in Andhra Pradesh Opportunities and Challenges
  • Food Processing
  • A value chain on mango and guava for domestic and export markets
  • Processed Foods & Vegetables
  • Requirements for Establishment of Pest Free Area for Mango Nut (Seed) Weevil (Sternochetus mangiferae) and Pulp Weevil (S. frigidus)
  • Diagnostic study report on food processing cluster of Krishna district
  • An Assessment of the Export Competitiveness of the Banana, Mango and Mango Pulp Sectors in the State of Tamil Nadu
  • Piper betle Linn.As Botanical Treatment in Controlling Mango Pulp Weevil (Sterno frigidus