Tropical Fruit Juice


Information at a Glance
  • Juice is liquid extracted from the fruit, although many fruit juices are the results of expressing the liquid from the whole or cut fruit
  • Fruit juice making process starts from fruit washing, drying, skin removing, deseeding, pulp macerating pressing, pasteurizing and storage which is then used for producing fruit juices
  • The objective of the fruit processing is to preserve the perishable fruits in a stable form or juice that can be stored and supplied to local and distant markets during all months of the year. Processing also can change fruits into new or more usable forms and make fruits more convenient to prepare.
  • It is absolutely necessary for someone starting a juice manufacturing operation to be familiar with the regulations and requirements of the market
  • All over the world people prefer to use natural drinks rather than carbonated soft drinks and this perception is gaining more currency day by day which also adds to the advantage of the fruit juice industry
  • Fruit juices are produced and consumed for their refreshing character and nutritional qualities being rich in vitamins and minerals and having regulatory functions to the body systems
  • Since fruit juice is considered to be a highly agro-based industry, juice production should be started when fresh crop is coming into the market and pulp is easily available at low prices
  • Raw material required for manufacturing fruit juice are fruit pulp, citric acid, food color, sugar, preservatives and fruit flavors
  • Fruit juice, being in liquid and drinkable form could be harmful to consumers’ health because of a high probability of microbial growth and little shelf life. That is the primary reason why ‘tetra pack’ packaging got enormous popularity
  • To maintain the quality of a product, there should be a cold storage facility for storing pulp and finished product.
  • Fruit juices concentrate are used for the production of juices, nectars, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. While juice and nectars are in tune with the health and wellness trend, producers have to contend with changing patterns in consumption behavior.
  • The food manufacturing industry is dominated by fruit juice production which mainly uses concentrated fruit juices in aseptic packing or in frozen form. Frozen cut or crumbled products, concentrated juices, fruit preparations are used by a variety of industries including the jams and spread industry, bakery industry, ice cream industry, dairy industry, soft drinks industry, canning industry and ready-meal industry.
  • Considerable international demand is there for certain fresh fruits as well as processed fruit products such as mango, grapes, bananas, lychees and exotic fruits like sapotas, pomegranates, custard apples and other tropical fruits
  • Convenience and natural taste together with health-consciousness have played an important role in the growth of packaged fruit juices. The fruit drink market has grown at 20 - 25 percent, of this, the exotic fruit juices segment has grown at 40 percent this year. Fruit-based milk drinks and fruit-based soy milk is another emerging segment expected to 19 grow rapidly.
  • India presents a huge untapped opportunity for the food processing sector enhanced with low penetration levels and a liberal regulatory regime. Increased economic growth, evolving food-consumption patterns, a higher standard of living due to rising disposable incomes and a trend towards nuclear dual-income families all present considerable potential. Government studies show that an average Indian spends the majority of his income on food consumption.
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