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Information @ a Glance
  • The genus Lilium are herbaceous flowering plants normally growing from bulbs, comprising a genus of about 110 species in the lily family, Liliaceae. The species in this genus are the true lilies, while other plants with lily in the common name are related to other groups of plants.Some lilies, especially Lilium longiflorum, as well as a few other hybrids, form important cut flower crops.These tend to be forced for particular markets; for instance, L. longiflorum for the Easter trade, when it may be called the Easter lily.
  • The majority of lilies are easy to grow, basic location being heads in the sun and feet in the shade. Good drainage is essential.With the exception of L. candidum, they should be planted twice as deep as the height of the bulb. L. candidum should be barely covered with soil and is best planted in late summer.
  • Lilies are bulbs and it is important to buy plump firm bulbs without signs of softness. The autumn is the best time to plant them.Until growth begins, they need to be kept cool, dark and moist; then, when growth starts, they can be moved to a brighter position.
  • The fundamental Fluorescence ratiometric imaging of Lilium pollen tubes process involved in growth and development of pollen tubes is the acquisition and expression of polarity.This vital process in higher plants is necessary to deliver the male gametes to the egg apparatus and thus is one of the key events in the control of sexual reproduction.
  • The inter-specific hybridization is an important tool in plant breeding. Inter-specific hybridization in the genus Lilium has been conduced to produce novel hybrids that can combine ornamental traits and resistance to virus and fungal diseases from distantly related species.
  • Upper leaf necrosis (ULN) on Lilium ?Star Gazer' is a calcium deficiency disorder. It has been shown that there are two primary mechanisms leading to ULN. The first is a very low bulb calcium content that cannot meet Ca demand when the upper leaves are expanding. The second is that young expanding leaves of Lilium ?Star Gazer' are highly overlapped before flower buds are visible.
  • Lilium growers in the Nilgiris have called for creating the right ambience for an assured market for their flowers. A Companies supply of Lilium bulbs to the Nilgiris has doubled this year.
  • At one stage the main supply of lily bulbs was from Oregon in USA where a substantial trade had been built up in pot lily bulbs for the Easter Lily trade. There were also major growing areas in Japan.
  • Netherlands exported 158 million dormant lily bulbs to USA worth $32 million. Other production areas for lily bulbs are Italy, Israel, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Mexico.
  • Turnover of all lilies went up by 4% in 1999, but they still remain only 4th in the Dutch Auction cut flower rankings.
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Process & Production

  • The accumulation of soluble deoxyrebosidic compounds in relation to nuclear division in anthers of lilium longiflorum
  • Rapid Production of Lilium auratum Bulbs from Zygotic Embryos
  • Biotechnological approaches in lilium production
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Product & Management

  • Physicochemical and functional properties of flour obtained from the bulb of Lilium brownii
  • Lily bulb extract powder
  • Tissue culture for elimination of lily viruses depending on explant type
  • Treatment for Lilium
  • Florissant treatment of lilium
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Growth & Cultivation

  • Free Ca2+ gradient in growing pollen tubes of Lilium
  • Conservation Assessment for Canada lily
  • Use of in vitro methods in intersection hybridisation of Lilium
  • Cultivation of lilium


  • Bioreactor Technology for Plant Micropropagation
  • Compact 3U as a novel lighting source for the  propagation of some horticultural plants
  • Application of four pollination techniques and of hormone treatment
  • Genetic differentiation of Lilium longiflorum in Taiwan using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA and morphological characters

Properties & Functions

  • Karyotype analysis of Lilium longiflorum and Lilium rubellum by chromosome banding and fluorescence in situ hybridisation
  • Changes in poly RNA during male meiosis in lilium
  • Structural Characteristics of the Corynebacterium lilium Bacteriophage
  • A generalized vernalization response function for lily
  • Roosts Used by Sturnira lilium in Belize
  • The study of constituents of lilium candium


  • Characterization of CDNAs Induced in Meiotic Prophase in Lily Microsporocytes
  • In vitro micropropagation of Lilium longiflorum ‘Georgia’ by shoot formation as influenced by addition of liquid medium
  • Effect of doses of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on the performance of in vitro propagated bulblets of Lilium
  • Micropropagation of Lilium ledebourii Boiss as affected by plant growth regulator, sucrose concentration, harvesting season and cold treatments
  • Long term storage of clonal material of lily
  • Standardization of in vitro lily plantlets for propagation and bulb  formation


  • Import Health Standard schedule for Lilium
  • Lilium requirements
  • Product specification of lilium


  • Cytogenetic analysis of progeny derived from allotriploid inter-specific hybrids of Lilium
  • Myo-Inositol Metabolism in Lilium longiflorum Pollen
  • Efficacy of Exogenous Calcium Applications for Reducing Upper Leaf Necrosis in Lilium Star Gazer
  • Transformation of Lilium longiflorum via particle bombardment and generation of herbicide-resistant plants

Project & Consultants

  • Red lily beetle
  • Evaluation of phytotoxicity for SureGuard (Flumioxazin) on Easter Lily
  • Service provider of lilium
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Market Scenario

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