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Cut Flowers

Information Profile
at a Glance
  • Flowers which are grown in a bed, or border, specifically for taking indoors for flower arrangements.
  • Bulb is a storage organ which allows some plants to survive periods of cold, or unsuitable weather.
  • Most cut flowers prefer a location in full sun throughout the entire day. The field and soil should be well drained.
  • Plants should be grown in beds raised 4–6 inches to maximize drainage.
  • Poorly drained soil should be corrected by placing drain lines 10–12 inches deep under the beds.
  • When selecting cultivars for cut-flower production, avoid those developed for bedding plants, since they are not suitable for cut-flower production.
  • Annuals complete their life cycle within one year and usually bloom throughout the growing season.
  • Perennial flowers have a life span of more than one year and usually bloom during a specific time period every year during the growing season.
  • Specialty cut flowers require more water than many other field crops. They may require watering every day when produced in sandy soil or hot conditions.
  • The optimum stage to harvest fresh-cut flowers for resale to floral retailers depends on the type of flower.
  • If production results in more flowers than can be marketed as fresh-cut flowers, extras may be marketed as dried florals.
  • Each producer will design a system which is unique, customized to his own abilities and resources.
  • Fresh-cut and dried flowers can be marketed to a flower wholesaler, a retail florist or directly to consumers via a farmers' market.
  • For the past three years, retail sales of floral products in the United States have remained nearly unchanged at just under $13 billion.
  • India’s share in the world floriculture trade is negligible.
  • There has been a significant rise in the floriculture exports. 
Growing Cut-Flowers
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Preservation & Harvesting

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Regulatory Issues
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