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  • Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, is a South American genus of about 50 species of flowering plants. Almost all of the species are restricted to one of two distinct centers of diversity, one in central Chile, the other in eastern Brazil. Species of Alstroemeria from Chile are winter-growing plants while those of Brazil are summer-growing.
  • Sometimes called Ulster Mary, or Peruvian lily from the country of origin. Pronounced Alstro-MARY-ah. The flower is named after Claus Alstroemer, a pupil of the great botanical classifier Linnaeus who went to South America and sent back seeds of species of this flower.
  • The plants are distinctive vegetatively, with a rootstock consisting of a slender rhizome or group of rhizomes. Storage roots consist of sausage-like water storing structures "suspended" from the rhizome by major roots. In this way the root system resembles that of dahlias. Above-ground shoots may be very short in some alpine Andean species or up to about 1.5 m tall in other species. Each year up to 80 new shoots are produced from the rootstock and each terminates in an umbel of a few up to 10 or so flowers.
  • Alstroemeria flowers bloom during late spring or early summer. Alstroemeria come in orange, pink, rose, purple, red, yellow, white or salmon colors. Alstroemeria is named after the Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer, who was a pupil of the great botanical classifier Linnaeus. Alstroemeria is more like grass where the veins go up the leaves but none branching across. This can also be seen in grasses, irises and lilies.
  • The ideal humidity is between 70-80% Although alstroemeria is not very susceptible to Botrytis, it is better to keep the humidity below 90% during the winter. High humidity produces taller stems as well as larger and weaker leaves. During the early spring, on the first warm days of the year, quite a few varieties are susceptible to leaf scorch. The leaves have not yet adjusted to the evaporation process.
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