Tissue Cultured Plants


Tissue culture technology
  • Tissue culture is based on the theory of totipotency i.e. the ability of a single cell to develop into whole organism. 
  • The major components of the technology include choice of explant (excised part of plant), growing of explant on a defined medium in glass vessel (in vitro), elimination and or prevention of diseases, providing appropriate cultural environment and transfer of plantlet from glass vessel to natural environment (hardening). 
  • All these constitute protocol for tissue culture. 
  • It varies from species to species and variety to variety within the same species. 
  • However, it can be standardized through trial and error and ultimately it should be repeatable and reliable
Plant Species reported to respond to propagation by Tissue Culture are:
  • Ornamental plants 
    • Philodendron, Gladiolus, Diffenbachia, Lily, Monstera, Kalanchoe, Maranta, Pentunia, Alocasia, Narcissus, Aloe vera, Rose, Fern, Mimosa, Ficus benjamina, Gypsophila, F. elastica, Aster, F. lyrata, Aglaonema, Ficus robusta, Hydrangea, Ficus mini,Amarylis, F. compacta, Nerine, F. foliole,Tulip, Iris, Nephrolepis, Freesia
    • Calathea, Hyacinth, Heliconia, Anemone, Syngonium, Begonia, Dracaena, Eucharis, Peperomia, Caladium, Euphorbia, Carnation, Pelargonium, Chrysanthemum, Platycerium, Gerbera, Pteris, Saintpaulia, Davallia, Streptocarpus, Osmunda, Anthurium, Mammillaria, Aechmea, Christmas Cacti, Cyclamen, Easter Cacti, Kalanchoe, Agapanthus, Episcia, Asparagus, Spathiphyllum, Gloxinia, Alstroemeria, Guzmania, Hamamelis, Cordyline, Hemerocallis, Schefflera, Dendrobium, Liriope, Cymbidium, Strelitzia, Cattleya, Nandina, Odontoglossum, Rhododendron, Phalaenopsis, Bougainvillea, Vanda, Buddelia, Weigela, Magnolia, Ribes, Deutzia, Epidendrum, Crocsmia, Forsythia
  • Vegetables
    • Onion, Asparagus, Brassica, Tomato, Chicory, Capsicum etc.
  • Fruits
    • Banana, Strawberry, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Citrus, Rubus, Gooseberry, Grapes, Papaya, Pineapple, Ananas etc.
  • Forest Species
    • Poplar, Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Pinus, Cupressus, Thuja, Sequoia, Ulmus, Spiraea Betula, Salix, Ilex, Fagus, Picea etc.
  • Other Species
    • Coffee, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Vanilla, Hops, Oil Palm etc. 
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