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Project Brief
  • The Ostrich (Struthio camelus) is a flightless bird native to Africa. It is the only living species of its family, Struthionidae, and its genus, Struthio.
  • They are distinct in their appearance, with a long neck and legs and the ability to run at speeds of about 65 km/h (40 mph).
  • Ostriches can be fed with a wide range of prime material, like luzernes (fresh, hay or pallets), corn, wheat, soja, vegetables, grass, beans, sub products of the production of beer, sunflowers, olive oil, sugar, rice...
  • Ostriches and emus are both members of a family of flightless birds. Other members of this family include the cassowaries (Casuariinae) of New Guinea, emus (Dromiceinae) of Australia, kiwis (Apterygidae) of New Zealand, rheas (Rheidae) of South America and tinamous (Tinamidae) of the Neotropics, ranging from north-eastern Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. The extinct groups include moas (Dinornithidae) of New Zealand, elephant birds (Aepyornithidae) of Africa and Madagascar and mihirung birds (Dromornithidae) of Australia. Except for the tinamou, these birds are entirely flightless and are known collectively as ratites
  • Ostrich farming is probably more moneymaking business than farming cattle.
  • Ostriches are very fertile. They can produce more than 40 young animals per year. Bird’s gestation period is about 42 days. Ostriches can be bred for over 30 years.
  • The principal products of the current world ostrich industry are leather and meat. Other products include oil, feathers and eggs.
  • The ostrich feathers are very beautiful. That is why they are desired from many of us.
  • The ostrich’s leather is even more desirable. Only the ostrich farming produces this leather. Ostrich’s leather is soft but strong and it very famous with its distinctive quill patterns.
  • The greater parts of ostrich farming profits come from ostrich’s leather sales.
  • Ostrich farming is a really wonderful alternative to cattle farming. Ostriches are beautiful birds if you enjoy watching them. Ostrich farming is an enchanting and profitable industry.
  • Ostrich meat is being promoted as a low-cholesterol red meat because of its red color, beef-like texture and low fat content. Processing studies conducted at Texas A&M University show that the average carcass dressing percentage is 57.57 percent. Therefore, a 250 pound ostrich would yield about 130 pounds of meat.
  • Ostrich leather is a popular product for making boots, clothing and upholstery. An adult ostrich will produce 14 square feet of hide. One hide can made three pairs of boots.
  • The correct management of ostrich farms is not difficult to learn, but people should not enter the industry without an understanding of the minimum requirements for the welfare of ostriches and should ensure that they have access to an industry specialist before they purchase stock.
  • Ostrich oil has been largely overlooked by the South Africans. An Australian company has developed a range of ostrich-oil cosmetics which is slowly gaining market acceptance.
  • South Africa has the world’s largest industry with approximately 400 producers. Ostrich is known as the healthy red meat alternative and this is where its marketing potential lies.
  • In India too, EMU Farms are coming up in different parts of the country. Government/ Banks support these projects & is one of the interesting projects for Entrepreneurs

  • Ostrich
  • EMU
  • Ostrich Information
  • Ostriches-Fact Sheet
  • Emus & Ostriches
  • Struthio camelus
  • Blood Biochemical Values in Ostrich
  • Italian Ostrich Eggs
  • Ostrich-Food Habits


  • Hatching Ostrich Chicks
  • Ostrich Production
  • Egg Collection
  • Incubating and Hatching Eggs
  • Ostrich Nutrition
  • Ostriches-Catching and Restraint
  • Storage of Ostrich Skin
  • Livestock Handling
  • Handling Ostrich
  • Growth Rate of Ostriches
  • Economic Ostrich Processing


  • Ostrich Leather Products
  • Ostrich Meat Products
  • Ostrich Breeders International
  • Ostrich's EGGs & Feathers
  • Ostrich Egg and Meat Price List

Equipment Suppliers

  • Incubators
  • DandyLyon Hatcher
  • Electric Heat Pump
  • Ostrich Farm Equipment
  • Dominion Incubators
  • Poultry Farming Equipment
  • N'Kobi Incubators
  • Poultry Processing Equipment Suppliers

Standards and Grades

  • Grades for Ostrich Abattoirs
  • Import Health Standard
  • Australian Standard for Hygienic Production of Ratite Meat
  • Ostrich Green Skin and Finished Leather Grading
  • Ostrich and Emu Standards
  • Factors Influencing Meat Quality
  • Factors Influencing Skin Quality


  • Guidelines for Incubation of Ostrich Eggs
  • Ostrich Incubation & Hatching Principles
  • Ostrich and Emu Fencing Guide
  • Guidance on Keeping of Ostrich and Emus
  • Nutrition Guidelines for Ostriches and Emus
  • Guidance on Slaughter of Ostriches
  • Biosecurity Guidelines for Ostrich Industry
  • Restrict Occurrence of Bird Flu Amongst Ostriches
  • Ostrich Management
  • Ostrich's Guide to Business Survival
  • Commercial Ostrich Production


  • Consultant - India
  • India Consultant - Training
  • David Sivan
  • British Domesticated Ostrich Association
  • Daryl Holle
  • Bank Consultancy Services
  • Ostrich leather consultant
  • R & M Ostrich Farm
  • Baronigg
 Meat Processors
  • Carlson Meat Processing
  • Ostrich Farming Brings New Life to Egyptian Desert
  • Directory of Kentucky Livestock
    Processing Facilities
  • Klein Karoo
  • Camdeboo Meat Processors

Setting Up Farm and Investment

  • Project Brief
  • EMU Project Information
  • Business Plan
  • Key Contacts - India
  • Ostrich Farm Training and Consultancy
  • Second Phase Project for Ostrich Farming
  • Cash Flow Budgets for Breeding Ostriches
  • Ostrich Breeder Budget
  • Meat Premises License Application-Ratite
  • Ostrich Farming in South Africa
  • Investors in Ostrich Farm
  • Ostrich Farm Sale
  • Ostrich Group


  • Ostrich Farming Brings New Life to Egyptian Desert
  • Ostrich Products Case Study
  • Klein Karoo Group-Annual Report 2006
  • Ostrich Farmers
  • Severe Ocular Trauma Caused by an Ostrich

Market and Future of Ostrich Industry

  • Ostrich Products for Today's Market
  • Ostrich farming set to take off in Tamil Nadu
  • Ostrich Farming - India
  • Project - Tamilnadu
  • Ostrich Leather and Feathers
  • Ratite Production
  • Planning for Profit-Ostrich Market
  • Benefits of Ostrich Farming
  • Ostrich Industry
  • Ostrich Trade
  • Ostrich Production Benchmarks
  • Ostriches Market
  • Ostrich Farming Opportunities in EU
  • Ostrich Industry in Indiana
  • Ostrich Meat Industry Development
  • French Ostrich Market
  • Raising and Marketing Big Bird
  • Ostrich Market Fails to Take Off
  • Recent Developments in Ostrich Farming
  • Future Potential of Ostrich Production

Ostrich Farms

  • Pokanoket Farms
  • Metsaantsu Ostrich Farm
  • Ostrich Farming-Oudtshoorn
  • Ostrich Farm-Poland
  • Safari Ostrich Farm
  • West Coast Ostrich Ranch Farm
  • Birsa Farm
  • Belgaum Farm
  • Vijayawada Farm
  • Hyderabad Farm
  • Ratnagiri Farm
  • Sami Farming
  • Thane Farm
  • Manitoba Ostrich Industry
  • Deli Ostrich
  • Cango Ostrich Farm
  • Grasmere Ostriches
  • HeartRich Ostrich
  • Piako Ostrich Farm
  • Saanichton Ostrich Farm


  • Influenza Risks in Ostrich
  • Aspergillosis and Gastric Impaction
  • General Diseases in Ostriches
  • Ostrich and Public Health
  • Fungal Infections
  • Ostriches With Conjunctivitis and Respiratory Disease
  • Respiratory Sickness in Ostriches