Dog Breeding

Project Profile
  • Dog breeding is the practice of mating selected specimens with the intent to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics.
  • ‘Breed standards’ often include exaggerated and unnatural physical characteristics that are detrimental to the dogs’ health and quality of life.
  • Purebred dogs are incredibly popular, and there is strong demand for healthy, socialized, and intelligent purebred puppies.
  • Breeding, marketing and sale of dogs has come to stay as a high-level commercial venture in India, involving thousands of breeders and pet shops
    in a multi-crore industry.
  • Dog owners keeping any female adult dog that has not been spayed, or any male adult dog that has not been neutered, for breeding, shall obtain 
    the necessary license from the Local Authority for their trade/commercial activity at the premises/ establishment in question in accordance with the 
    relevant local/municipal law, and after payment of the fee prescribed for the purpose.
  • Dogs shall be kept in a clean, healthy and safe environment. They shall be provided with all socialization opportunities, vaccinations, and 
    deworming necessary to provide maximum mental and physical well-being.
  • The dogs at every breeding premises/establishment shall be annually vaccinated against rabies (and preferably against canine distemper, parvo-virus, leptospirosis and viral hepatitis).
  • Dog Breeding - Basic
  • Dog Breeding - Flow Chart
  • Pedigree Dog Breeding - FAQ
  • Breeding/Breeder Information
  • Puppy Farms
  • Puppy mill
  • Responsible Dog Breeding
  • Dog Breeders Professional Secrets
  • Dog Breed Standards
  • Dog breeding

Puppy Mill

  • Dog Over Population and Puppy Mills
  • Get the Facts on Puppy Mills
  • The Puppy Mill - FAQ
  • What is a puppy mill?
  • Puppy Mills Beware
  • Puppy Mills
  • Rehabilitation of a Puppy Mill Dog

Dog Breeding

  • Breeding my Dog
  • Dog Ownership and Breeding Records
  • Dog Heat Cycle and Breeding
  • Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding
  • Model Statue Regulating Dog Breeding, Facilitation and Sales
  • End Puppy Farming - The Way Forward
  • Some Practical Solutions to Welfare Problems in Dog Breeding
  • Strategies in modern dog breeding

Dog Breeding in India

  • Dog Breeding, Marketing and Sale Rules
  • Preference for breed and feeding practices for dog
    rearing in Nagpur city of Maharashtra
  • Dog Breeders
  • Dog Breeders Directory


  • The Buhund Project
  • Conservation of Karakachan breeds
  • Iowo County 4H Dog Project
  • 4-H Dog Project
  • Breeding Healthy Dogs
Guidelines and Licensing
  • Code of Practice
  • Application for Licence for a Dog Breeding Establishment
  • Guidance Notes
  • How to find a good dog breeder?
  • Dog Breeding Establishment Licence Conditions
  • Contract for Stud Service
  • Dog Breeding – Licence Summary


  • Consultant from Wexford
  • Consultant from Lisburn
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Pennsylvania
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant
  • Consultant from UK


  • An Advocate’s Guide to Stopping Puppy Mills
  • Becoming a Dog Breeder in Australia
  • Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care
  • South Dakota Targets Commercial Dog Breeders
  • Making a Difference: Being a Responsible Dog Breeder
  • Breeding better dogs newsletter
  • Pedigree dog breeding in the UK
  • Timing of oestrus and reproductive behaviour in Indian street dogs