Contract Farming

Details of the Concept of Contract Farming
  • Benefits & Problems of Contract Farming, Pre requisites for contracting, Different Models, Legal framework
    Managing the contract & Performance Monitoring. Case Studies in different countries & Products, Model agreements
    between & other Guidelines. Read also Principle behind the concept of Contract Farming
Contract Farming, Relevance to India
  •  India Case Study :Analysis of National Strategies for Sustainable Development. Read also on GM Crops for India
    Corporate agriculture: The implications for Indian farmers
State & Central Government Contract Farming Policy
  • Policy Issues Specifically for  Industry discussed. Land Ceiling act, Forest Lands, Waste Lands, State Government Supports & Services are discussed. You got to check current status of these details - as these keep changing over time. Biotechnology Policy too is related to this issue & need study while Project Planning - Legal Frame Details.
    Developments in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab...
Refinance Scheme for financing farmers in Agri Export Zones (AEZs ) under 'Contract Farming'
Problems to Overcome in Contract Farming
  •  Contract Farming could bring lot of tension between contracting Parties. Here are some observations
    PepsiCo Management Views on Contract Farming in India
Agencies involved while Contracting
  • Conferences are held inviting all those involved from contracting parties, Government Departments & more
Consultants to advice Farmers on Contract/ Corporate Farming
  •  Activities include guiding the individual and corporate farming communities in the implementing large projects in the field of medicinal plants on a turnkey basis.
Contract Farming for Tree Crops : cocoa, rubber, palm oil, coffee and tea.
Large Companies in India on to Contract Farming
Directory of more than 500 entrepreneurs assisted by Government  for Contract Farming in India
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