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  • The aim of bonsai culture is to develop a tiny tree that has all the elements of a large tree growing in a natural setting
  • Bonsai need the daily temperature variations, the intensity of the sun, and seasonal variations in temperature to remain strong and vigorous.
  • The Indian Bonsai Association has about one hundred members organizes exhibitions periodically & help members & others
  • Bonsai can be classified into five basic styles: formal upright, informal upright, slanting, cascade, and semi-cascade. These classifications are based on the overall shape of the tree and how much the trunk slants away from an imaginary vertical axis
  • Plants that are native to the area where
    one lives often make fine subjects for bonsai
  • There are many varieties of plants that do well as an indoor bonsai such as ficus, aralia, azalea, Norfolk pine, serissa, gardenia, or boxwood
  • Bonsai, which simply describes the
    growing of a dwarf tree in a tray, now scoops gold medals at the prestigious 
    Flower Shows
  • Bonsai trees are commonly sold in grocery stores or plant stores, bonsai nurseries or online bonsai stores. Quality bonsai trees for sale are expensive
  • There are many Entrepreneurs taken to Bonsai Business Opportunities. Requires small investments & suits well for wide sections of entrepreneurship?
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