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  • Biodynamic agriculture, or Biodynamics is an organic farming system. The term biodynamic was coined by Steiner's adherents. A central aspect of Biodynamics is that the farm as a whole is seen as an organism, and therefore should be a closed self-nourishing system.
  • Biodynamic agriculture regards the farm as an ecological entity, or organism, of which humans as well as plants and animals play an integral role. The holistic "systems" approach of Biodynamics requires integrated management practices – such as crop-rotation, composting, incorporation of animals, soil management and the application of biodynamic preparations – to promote and maintain soil health.
  • Biodynamics is an advanced organic method in which no artificial fertilizers or chemical sprays are used. The plant is influenced not just by the soil in which it grows, but by the water in the soil and the atmosphere, other plants nearby, the air around it, the amount of light and warmth it receives from the sun, and also the influences coming from other cosmic bodies, the moon, planets and stars.
  • The soil is the most important basis of all gardening and farming. For optimum plant vitality, soils are gradually developed into a humus – rich, friable, well structured, well drained state.
  • Biodynamic growers use a variety of techniques to develop healthy humus levels in soil so that plants can feed naturally. They never apply raw manures or compost which has not been properly matured to food crops as this would result in soluble nutrients spreading through the soil water, causing the same unnatural forced plant feeding as artificial fertilizers with the same undesirable consequences.
  • The most powerful substance on earth for the development of soil fertility – cow horns are filled with fresh cow manure and buried in well drained fertile soil in autumn. The horns are dug up in spring. The manure has been transformed into a sweet smelling pure colloidal humus substance.
  • The compost preparations, 502 - 507 are made from specially prepared plant materials and are used in compost heaps to produce 100% colloidal humus which turned into the soil is the ideal plant food. Good compost should be moist, dark and sweet smelling, and have a texture and kneadability similar to putty or modeling clay.
  • Biodynamic agriculture sees the basis of pest and disease control arising from a strong healthy balanced farm organism. Where this is not yet achieved it uses techniques reminiscent of fertilization for pest control and weed control. Most of these techniques include using the ashes of a pest or weed that has been trapped or picked from the fields and ceremonially burnt. Steiner sees pests and weeds as a result of imbalance between life forces emanated from the earth.
  • Any biodynamic produce is also organic. A biodynamic farm works exactly the same as an organic farm in using no pesticides, herbicides etc; but there are various agricultural methods which are unique to biodynamic farming.
  •  Like organic farming, this system uses no harmful herbicides, pesticides, systemic fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Biodynamic farming uses natural compost to promote beneficial bacteria and build up and maintain stable humus in the soil; this soil vitality then supports the quality and health of the plants that grow in it.
  • Biodynamic gardening is a variant of organic gardening as we know it. All organic methods exclude the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and their first priority is the quality and vitality of the soil.
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Technology and Consultants

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Standards and Certification

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Merits and Demerits

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