Margarine Industry @ a Glance
  •  Margarine is a generic term used to indicate any of a wide range of butter substitutes. In many parts of the world, margarine is now the best selling table spread, although butter and olive oil also command large market shares. It is used as an ingredient in the preparation of many other foods.
  • Modern margarine can be made from any of a wide variety of animal or vegetable fats, and is often mixed with skim milk, (A compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)) salt, and (A surface-active agent that promotes the formation of an emulsion) emulsifiers.
  • Fortifying margarine with vitamins A, D, and E does not alter its flavor, making it an excellent carrier for these micronutrients.
  • Bakery Margarine is an emulsion of water in oil, with a fat content of about 80% as per conventional standards and used for icing and baking.
  • The process involves blending of oils and fats and other components in a suitable manner so as to resembling a smooth appearance of butter and spread ability. This product need not be refrigerated.
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