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  • Powdered eggs are fully dehydrated eggs. They are made in a spray dryer in the same way that powdered milk is made.
  • Egg powder is one of the most common products in poultry industry in the country.
  • Egg powder is used in fast food preparations, ice-creams, cakes, cookies, noodles, doughnut etc. In fact it can replace the use of fresh eggs in these food items, which would offer convenience and ease of handling as against shell eggs.
  • The estimated domestic demand of Egg Powder is around 1000 MT, which is largely consumed by Armed Forces and bakery industry. However,  with increased availability of Egg Powder, the household demand is expected to grow.
  • Egg powder has an excellent export potential in countries like Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Republic of Korea.
  • Changing food habits have increased egg and egg products consumption in India, leading to an increase in the domestic market for both. This will be further increased in coming period as egg is the cheapest source of protein for the masses and its consumption has become common.
  • The major market are defense establishments, various government and non-government nutritional programmes, bakeries and all such areas like hills or forests where transportation is difficult.
  • India is said to be the lowest cost egg producer in the world. An estimated production cost of Rs 1.11 per egg (2.55 US cents) makes it much lower than all the other major producers.
  • The largest world net exporters of dry egg products were India, the United States, Argentina, China and Canada and the largest world net exporters of liquid egg products were the United States and Italy.
  • Russia would commence the import of egg powder from India very soon
  • Indian egg powder is comparatively cheaper than the product made in Russia - where the rising costs of poultry feed are having an adverse impact on its economy - or imported 
    from countries like Argentina
  • Presently there are only five egg powder plants in India which is considered insufficient in view of growing export demand for different kind of powder  - whole egg, yolk and albumen. The scope of foreign investment and state-of-the-art technology in this field is therefore tremendous

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