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  • Cheese, a highly nutritious and palatable food, is of significant value in the diet because it contains almost all of the protein and essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients of milk.
  • According to ancient records passed down through the centuries, the making of cheese dates back more than 4,000 years.
  • Cheese is the fresh or matured product obtained by the drainage after coagulation of milk, cream, skimmed or partly skimmed milk, butter milk or a combination thereof. 
  • For certain Cheese types such as e.g. Emmental, putting belts around the cheese for a short time helps to give an optimal form.
  • The National Cheese Exchange at Green Bay, Wisconsin, is an organized wholesale cash market for block and barrel cheddar cheese. 
  • New technology was developed for producing low-fat cheese. The technology overcomes the major problem of poor flavor and texture of low-fat cheese.
  • Mother Dairy India plans to launch its processed cheese initially in Delhi and the National Capital Region.
  • Himalya International Ltd and an American company have entered into a collaboration to set up a Mozzarella cheese plant in Himachal Pradesh.
  • The cheese unit along with its components has been imported from USA and meets the highest SA3 International standards for the Dairy Industry.
  • The company has also entered into a marketing arrangement with the new company for marketing the produce in the North America.
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