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  • Bread has been around for centuries. Ironically, it even had a role in the settlement of Australia as many convicts were deported here for stealing bread. However, the origins of bread started well before this, nearly 12,000 years ago.
  • Bread is almost always made of wheat but in the past rye, barley, oats, rice and maize (often called Indian corn until recently) were used or mixed.
  • The first bread was probably made of coarsely crushed wild grains mixed with water and shaped into loaves that were laid on heated stones or baked by covering with hot ash. However, the earliest documentation traces bread to the Middle East, where Egyptians cultivated grains.
  • The UK bread and morning goods market is worth almost £2.9 billion and is one of the largest sectors in the food industry. Total volume is approximately 4.4 billion units, the equivalent of over 12 million loaves and packs every single day.
  • The larger baking companies produce 80% of bread sold in the UK. Instore bakeries (ISBs) within supermarkets produce about 17% and high street retail bakers produce the rest.
  • China represents a much faster-growing market for bread due to its relative nascence. Growth can be seen particularly in urban areas where, due to the increasing pace of life, many people do not have the luxury of spending an hour at breakfast.
  • Bread and biscuits constitute the largest segment of consumer foods in India. Their production is about 3.70 million tons per year.
  • Manufacturing of bread in India is reserved for Small Scale sector. Out of the total production of bread, 40% is produced in the organized sector and the remaining 60% in the unorganized sector.
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