Banana Trade


  • Banana (Musa sp.) is the most popular fruit and globally the fourth most widely consumed crop by humans, after rice, wheat, and corn.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, especially East Africa, millions of people depend on different types of banana as a staple food and a source of livelihood and well-being.
  • In the East African region, Uganda is the world’s second leading producer after India, harvesting 10 million metric tons annually with an estimated value of US$ 1.7 billion
  • The five largest exporters are Ecuador, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala.
  • Over 80 percent of the world banana trade is controlled by five companies
  • Like most tropical fruits, bananas are highly perishable, necessitating efficient harvesting, packing and transportation systems.
  • Bananas for export are shipped green in refrigerated vessels that prevent them from ripening before arrival. Once they arrive destination country, bananas are ripened in special facilities.
  • TransFair USA is part of a global certification network with a 16-year history of success in over 60 countries
Banana Trade background
  • Banana (Musa spp)
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Trade Background & certification
  • Banana and Plantain System
  • Banana Ripening

Domestic Issues & Markets

  • Consumers
  • Promotion
  • Techno-economic feasibility of setting up of a pack house for Banana
  • Optimal Fertilization of Banana

Imports & Exports

  • Export Crop
  • Exporting Bananas
  • How would a WTO agreement on bananas affect exporting and importing countries?

Banana Industry

  • India
  • Uganda
  • Central America
  • Banana Cluster - Pakistan
  • Costa Rica
  • Sri Lanka
  • The Economics of Commercial Banana Production in Hawaii
  • Banana Cultivation in Jaffna District
  • Tissue Culture Banana in Kenya
  • The Philippine Banana Industry
  • Commercial Banana Production in the Philippines
  • The Australian Banana Industry
  • Building the banana chain in Somalia
World Trade Scenario
  • Africa Trade
  • EU Banana Trade Regime
  • EU Banana and Sugar Markets
  • Market Dynamics
  • Transatlantic banana trade dispute
  • Trade between EU & ACP
  • WTO backs Latin America
  • Banana Prices
  • Banana Trade report 1998
  • Banana Trade report 1999
  • Banana Trade Report 2009
  • Banana trade 2010


Trading Strategy
  • Agri-business Consortium for Farmers
  • Australian Plan
  • West Africa
  • Banana Distribution


  • Farmers’ Participation in Banana Markets
  • EU Banana Support Program (EUBSP)
  • Fair Trade Banana System
  • Certified Fair-trade producer


  • Thailand Standards
  • Banana Industry Regulation
  • Banana Development Program
Trade Associations
  • Agrofair
  • The Banana Asia-Pacific Network (BAPNET)
  • Cooperative Enterprises