Banana Powder

Information at a glance
  • Banana powder is a powder made from processed bananas.
  • A novel lab-scale process has been developed at BARC for extraction of juice from banana and production of banana powder as a 
  • Banana powder (BP) was added to hard-red spring wheat (HRSW) flour intended for yeast-leavened bread formulation.
  • The processing of banana into banana powder involved as dipping in warm water, peeling, slicing, blanching, pulping, dilution and filtering. The filtered banana juice was spray dried to get the banana powder.
  • In the manufacture of banana powder, fully ripe banana pulp is converted into a paste by passing through a chopper followed by a 
    colloid mill. A 1 or 2 % sodium metabisulphite solution is added to improve the colour of the final product. Spray- or drum-drying 
    may be used, the latter being favoured as all the solids are recovered.
  • Banana powder is said to be stored for up to a year commercially and flakes have been stored in vacuum-sealed cans with no deterioration in moisture, colour or flavour for 12 months.
  • Banana powder made from dried green banana could be stored in an air-tight container for several months.
  • Banana powder could be utilized to partially substitute imported wheat flour for a number of products such as pancakes, doughnuts, and bakery products.
  • Ayurvedic doctors in India have traditionally used dried banana powder to treat ulcers.
  • In animal studies, banana 
    powder protects the lining of the stomach from acid.
  • It is used as a component for production of milk shakes and baby foods.
  • It is also used in the manufacture of various types of cakes and biscuits.
  • The use of banana powder in baby formula has been widespread since the very early 1900s as a method of keeping babies healthy.
  • Banana products can be divided roughly into two types, those for direct consumption, such as figs, and those for use in food manufacturing industry, for example purees and powder.
  • Banana powder, because of its high concentration of banana essence, has been found to be a "major source of carbohydrate and calories".
  • The United Fruit Company began to produce a product named Melzo during the 1930s, in which banana powder was the main ingredient.
  • A laboratory has developed a bench level technology for extracting almost 60 – 70 % of the total soluble materials of banana in the form of its juice and the left over pulp can be dried into a fine powder.
  • In 1984, scientists from India were able to extract part of the "antiulcer compounds" found in banana powder, which ended up creating a type of powder that was "300 times more active" in preventing ulcers in the stomach.
  • It was later discovered that the banana powder also increased cell growth, which allowed more rapid healing of the area where ulcers had previously occurred.

General Information & Process
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Material Safety Data Sheet

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