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Project at a Glance
  • Pharma Sugar or Sucrose IP, as it is called, has all the qualities to make it the finest quality pharma grade sugar. Unlike other sugars in the market, Sucrose IP is not bleached using sulfur dioxide, thereby making it the only sugar without sulfur . 
  • Pharma sugar 'Sucrose IP' is a pharmaceutical grade sugar that complies with the IP standards and European Union standards for pharmaceutical grade sugar.
  • Being manufactured enroute a 'Phospho-flotation process' in conjunction with a double-stage ion exchange column comprising of acrylic and styrene-based resins, and under strictest quality standards, Pharma sugar 'Sucrose IP' is a premium sugar.
  • Pharma Sugar is very easy to handle and store. It should be stored in an airtight container in a cool spot or in the refrigerator.
  • Sugar is a natural product, and its pure, sweet taste is the standard for all sweeteners. Sugar’s main function is to provide sweetness and energy, but it also has a number of other functional properties. It can be used for purposes such as flavour enhancement, preservation, providing body and texture, and freezing point reduction.
  • Raw sugar is made in tropical countries where sugar cane can be grown profitably. It is then shipped in bulk to a refinery in the country where the sugar is required. It now has to be finally cleaned up, purified and made ready for the consumer.
  • The sugar beet plant produces sugar in its leaves by a process called photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, the plant combines water with carbon dioxide from the air and energy from the sun to produce sugar. The sugar is then stored inside the fleshy root called a beet.
  • Sugar derivatives have been shown to have a therapeutic action in some conditions. Sucralfate (aluminium salt of sucrose octasulphate) is used in the treatment of peptic and stomach ulcers. Sucrose polyesters have also been used as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Pharma Sugar is used as a sweetener in pharmaceuticals and in the production of tablets. It cannot be used for infusion solutions.
  • The manufacture of sugar generates large quantities of biomass waste such as rice husk, bamboo dust, bagasse, coconut coir,jute and sticks. This waste is ideal for use as fuel to generate power and is one reason why most sugar mills have set up captive biomass cogeneration plants.

Production and Processing

  • Dry sugar
  • Crop Profile for Sugar Beets
  • Sugar beet Processing
  • Factory Process
  • From Sugar Beet to Sugar Crystal
  • Sugar Process
  • Processing the Sugar
  • Refining Sugar

Company Profiles

  • British Sugar
  • MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Dhampure Specialty Sugars Ltd
  • DCM Shriram Industries Ltd
  • Yash Sugars
  • Vista Invert Sugars Ltd.


  • Intota
  • Keith D. Burau
  • Richard G. Fiscella
  • John A. Juvik
  • Rasmus Bro
  • Roger A. Laine
  • Alexander D. MacKerell
  • Silvana Martini
  • Markku Antero LARMAS

Project and Plant

  • Sugarcane Processing Plant
  • Daurala Sugar Works
  • Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Group
  • Sudzucker Sugar Processing Plant
  • Seed Cane Treatment plant
  • Cargill Involved in Major Middle East Sugar Project
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Project

Products and Data Sheet

  • ATGARD® C Data Sheet
  • Red Debranched Arabinan (Sugar Beet) Data Sheet
  • Sucrose Information Profile
  • Tereos Sucrose Products
  • Sucrose Products
  • Uses of Sucrose


  • Crystalline Sugar Alcohol Containing Uniformly Dispersed Particulate Pharmaceutical Compound
  • Pharmaceutical Aerosol Containing Atleast One Sugar
  • Carboxylate Nutrients and Methods For Their Production and Use
  • Formulations for Detecting Asthma
  • Norbert Rillieux Patents  
  • From Cane to Sugar
  • New technology
  • NRDC Technology
  • Sugar Production Technology
  • Solbar Invests in Sugar Analysis Technology
  • Sugar-Coated Mass Spec: Analysis Of Glycoproteins
  • Sugar Used as 'Trojan Horse' to Fight Cancer

Market and Report

  • Boost for Research into Sugar-Based Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • China Tightens Control on Saccharin Production
  • Royal Cosun Announces Indicative 2006 Sugar Beet Price
  • Danisco's Sugar Production in Line With New Regime
  • World Sugar Production Increases But Prices Remain High, says USDA
  • Simbhaoli Sugar Turns Around
  • Proposed EU Sugar Policy Reforms
  • Bitter Medicine Beneath the Sugar-Coated Diplomacy
  • Alternative Sweeteners
  • Economic Contribution of the Sugarbeet Industry

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Rathna Traders
  • Sugar Pharma Exporters
  • Sugar Pharma Trade Leads
  • Sugar Pharma suppliers
  • Suppliers of Sugar Pharma
  • Vaishali Lifecare Pvt. Ltd
  • Shirin Trexim Limited
  • S M Sugar
  • Sugar Pharma Buyers List
Equipments Suppliers
  • Forbes Marshall
  • Technicolor Makina Ltd
  • Yılmaz Makina San.Tic. Ltd.Sti.
  • Crystal Automation
  • Sugar Machinery Indian Suppliers
  • Shanghai Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Ishan International Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Zeal International