Sugar Mill Laboratory


Project at a Glance
  • There is a need for undertaking Research & Laboratory services for all Industries including the Sugar Industry
  • The monitoring & process control services are required for the entire supply chain
  • The Sugar Industries have a whole lot of such services in-house as well as Industry common facility service centers
  • There are a number of measurements that contribute to assessing the quality of sugarcane:
  •  Pol (sucrose) per cent in juice;
  •  Bricks (total soluble solids) per cent in juice;
  •  Pol (sucrose) per cent in cane;
  •  Bricks per cent in cane ; fibre per cent; commercial cane sugar (CCS); and purity.
  • Then there are equipment  needed for testing more parameters like, fructose, dextrans etc. And not just to give dissolved solid value.

Basic Information

  • Basics
  • Sugar Refining
  • Newsletter from USA
  • Newsletter - India
  • Links to Sugarcane Technologists
  • Cleaner Production and Environmental
    aspects in Sugar-Alcohol Industries
  • Sugar cane Trash Processing

Technology Information

  • Measuring Commercial Quality
  • Determination of optimum harvesting age
  • Effect of Drying Off Period and Harvest Age on Quality and Yield
  • Technical Efficiency
  • Emission factor
  • Laboratory evaluation using response surface methodology
  • Energy Embodiment
  • Production Energy
  • Sugar cane Factory Processing
  • Quantitative analysis methods for sugars
  • EIA Guide
  • Real-time monitoring of fermentation process
  • The feasibility of using visible and shortwave near infrared spectroscopy
  • Sugarcane starch: quantitative determination and characterization
  • Growth, Yield and Juice Quality

Project Information

  • Laboratory Functions
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Laboratory Services & Charges
  • Non-Routine and Analysis Charges
  • Sugar Industry directory

Equipments,Measurements, and Suppliers

  • Technical Bench Marking
  • The use of an automated, high speed analyzer of disintegrated sugar cane
  • Color & Turbidity
  • Displacement Rat Index
  • Nutsch Filter Apparatus
  • Nutsch Filter Apparatus
  • Filterwik
  • Refining sugar cane: key pH measurements during processing
  • PH Measurement
  • Refractrometer
  • Turbidity Meter
  • Supplier - USA - Germany - Honkong