Sugar Ethanol


Project at a Glance
  • The Indian Government announced the energy policy, which was to produce ethanol from Molasses & Bagase through biochemical technology and to utilize that ethanol to produce gasohol (ethanol
  • Blended gasoline) for part of domestic gasoline consumption, and the policy has been in effect since 2002
  • The gasohol policy acts like a triple-purpose solution for
  • Curbing air pollution, agriculture promotion, and decreasing energy dependence on foreign supplier,
  • and it calls attention as use of renewable for countering global warming.
  • Ethanol production from sugarcane produced in tropical or subtropical countries like Brazil, Southern Africa, and India is a good example of properly managed production of sustainable Biofuels
  • Ethanol Project envisages setting up of a molasses based Fuel ethanol (biofuel) plant either as an additional value added processing facilities with a Sugar mill or as a stand alone unit based on molasses available from Sugar mills
  • To manufacture 30,000 Liters per day Ethanol from Molasses
  • An investment of about INR one million is required

Background Information

  • Biofuel Technology
  • Ethanol Sector
  • Sugar Industry - India
  • Sugar industry - Vision-2050
  • Ethanol production from Sugar Cane in India


  • Process description
  • Technology & Sourcing
  • Research on Ethanol Fuel Production from Molasses & Other Sources in India
  • Distillation of ethanol from Sugar Molasses
  • Batch Ethanol Fermentation of
  • Sugarcane Molasses
  • Sugar Cane Biorefinery
  • High Fermentation Technology
  • Molecular Sieve Technology


  • Consultant - Technical
  • Sugar Industry Consultant - Pune
  • Pollution Control
  • Consultant - Project Report preparation

Regulatory Information

  • Ethanol blended Petrol & Bio Diesel Policy
  • Environmental clearance
  • List of Licenses required

Project Information

  • 160 KLPD Distillery plant
  • 60 KLPD ethanol plant - model project report
  • Ethanol plant of 90 KLPD - Project expansion
  • Molasses Based Fuel Ethanol Project - profile
  • Ethanol project economics
  • Project case Study
  • Turnkey Project Offer
  • Ethanol Plant suppliers

Company Profile

  • 30 KLPD ethanol plant
  • 60 KL/D Plant
  • 30 KLPD Plant
  • 100 KLPD Environment Impact assessment
  • Major Technology provider

Global  Scenario

  • Economics of ethanol production in the USA
  • Project Proposal