Sugar Candy Crystals


Project at a Glance
  • Candy Sugar or Sweet diamonds is popularly called as Mishri which is sparking white big crystal sugar obtained by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions.
  • Candy Sugars varies in different colors and has its origins in India.
  • Also available under the name Rock sugar, which is a form of sugar composed of very large sugar crystals.
  • In addition to being used for candy, rock sugar can also be used to make an unusual and interesting garnish for desserts.
  • In south India, Sugar crystal named as Kalkandu.
  • Homemade rock candy is commonly formed by allowing a supersaturated solution of sugar and water to crystallize onto a string or some other surface suitable for crystal nucleation.
  • It has medicinal values and is a grown sucrose crystals that is crystallized by cooling.
  • Uses includes in homemade fruit liquers, sweetners for tea, mouth freshener and benefits are effective in relieving cough and also in therapeutic applications.
  • Total Capital Investment required for Sugar Candy Plant  is about 202 Lakhs and machinery cost includes 43Lakhs which yields plant capacity of about 900MT per Annum.


  • Sugar Crystals.
  • Growing Crystals.
  • Crystal Garden.
  • Technology used in Sugar Industry.
  • Natural Alternatives to processed sugar.
  • How to make Rock Candy.
  • Rock Candy.
  • Classification of bura, mishri and hardas.


  • Gem Sugar.
  • MISRI-Specification.
  • Rainbow Sugar Crystals.
  • Rock Candy.


  • Evaluation of Traditional Production Process of Rock Candy
  • Processing of Sugar Crystal.


  • Method for Enhancing Sugar Crystal.
  • Sugar Free "Hard Candy" and process for its Manufacture.
  • Manufacturing Crystal sugar from an aqueous sugar juice.


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  • Consultancy from India.


  • Sugar Crystal Challenge.
  • Refined (crystal) sugar.
  • Size Distribution of Sugar Crystals.
  • Crystal Growth in Space
  • Dextrose as an Interfering Agent on Sugar Crystal
  • American Crystal Company Annual Report.


  • Sugar Cane uses in Agriculture and  Industry.