Project at a Glance
  • Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation.
  • Rum is a unique spirit in that it is produced in very distinct styles that are enjoyed in many different ways, despite still having the same name.
  • Light or white rums are traditionally produced in southern Caribbean Islands such as Puerto Rico and Trinidad.
  • Dark or golden rums are produced in tropical islands like Jamaica, Haiti and Martinique, and have a more aromatic and richer flavor than light rum.
    Molasses is the most widely used raw material for rum production.
  • The majority of rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean and along the Demerara River, Guyana in South America.
  • The ratio of rum produced per hundredweight of sugar, the quality, and the proof of the spirit varied greatly from estate to estate, crop to crop, island to island, and century to century.
  • Agricultural Rum is a liquor obtained by fermenting and distilling pure sugar cane juice.
  • The distillation is a process aiming at separating the various components of the resulting wine obtained.
  • The process of aging is very complex, involving evaporation of some of the pungent volatile components from rum.
  • There are four major processes involved in rum making, fermentation, distillation ageing and blending.
  • Within the rum category, light rum accounted for 83.9% of the total sales followed by  the dark rum with 16.1% market share.



  • About Rum
  • Light & Dark side of Rum

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  • Anaerobic Solution for distillery wastes


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Process & production

  • Agricultural Rum Production
  • Story of 10Cane Rum
  • Rum Distillation Process
  • Jamaican sugar cane
  • Manufacturing of Rum
  • The Rum process
  • Mastering the complete rum production process
  • Rum aroma descriptive analysis
  • Production Lines of a Rum industry

Products & Patent

  • Rum Ball
  • Rum Cake
  • Rhum Clément Première Canne
  • Stewarts Rum
  • Corcor product


  • Turnkey providers from Germany
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  • Method of production of a food compound for preparing sweetened drinks


  • Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History.
  • Adding punch to the Caribbean rum industry
  • The Alcoholic Beverage Market in China
  • Market research-Colombia
  • Lion Nathan announces acquisition of Inner Circle Rum
  • Renegade Rum


  • Report to the trade barriers regulation committee
  • All About Rum
  • Mixing rum and beer
  • About The Rum Report
  • Rum has the totally tropical taste