Press Mud



Project Profile
  • Filter cake or Pressmud is Material retained on the filter screens and discharged from the filters after filtering clarifier muds in the sugar mills
  • Press mud or filter cake is produced in vacuum filters and press filters
  • Press mud is also known as filter cake and is utilized as manure by the farmers. It is combustible and also used in brick kilns for making brick. When mixed with the spent wash generated by the distilleries, the resultant product is enriched organic manure, which has the capability to improve yields in farms. It also mitigates the need to treat the distillery effluent, which is very toxic
  • The use of filter cake as a soil conditioner is common among sugar planters
  • The cost of transport from the mill to the farm is high. Even if the planters want to use the filter cake, they have to buy it from the millers.
  • Press mud, which is discarded as a solid waste from sugar mills is found to be an useful substrate for biogas production
  • Many value added products are possible with pressmud and is worth exploring the potential
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Project Applications

  • Production of Biofertilizer
  • Biogas from Pressmud
  • Chemicals from Filter Cake
  • Compost Fertilizer Production
  • Compost from Industrial Waste
  • Sugar Cane wax from pressmud

Company Information

  • Sugar Mill company
  • Itaconic acid production
  • Sugar cane filter cake & products
  • Processing sugar cane filter cake
Technology Information
  • Energy from waste
  • Microbial Process
  • Consultant - Technology
  • Consultant - Technical
  • Consultant - Soil technology
  • Pressmud on Plant growth
  • Rice Crop
  • Organic Wastes for soils
  • Filter Cake for soils
  • Soil Salienity
  • Spent Wash
  • Vermicomposting Techniques
  • Biomass Protein