Project at a Glance
  • Molasses is a by-product of the process extracting sugar from beet and cane.
  • Molasses can be produced from citrus, wood sugar, sugar beet and sugar cane.
  • Types of Molasses are integral or unclarified molasses, high-test molasses, A molasses, B molasses, C (final) molasses and syrup-off
  • The specifications of Molasses are very important and it differs from place to place
  • The Purest Molasses is Pure Cane Juice.
  • Gold label (Original) is the highest grade of pure unsulphured molasses made from a blend of 100% pure sugar cane juices from several West Indies islands in the Caribbean.
  • Green label (Robust) is a molasses which have had some sugar extracted; a cane juice molasses especially formulated for recipes.
  • Molasses is used as animal feed and for alcohol production and as a substrate in the production of yeasts, amino acids and proteins.
  • Molasses grass (Melinis Minutiflora) which originated in Africa, but spread to the other tropical areas in the world, is well known as a valuable pasture and hay grass.
  • Cane Molasses, a by-product of the sugar industry, which has been used with varying degrees of success as a substitute for maize in livestock feeds mainly as a source of readily available energy. 
  • Molasses are used to produce many high value added products such as Lactic acid, Itaconic acid, Gluconic acid, Glutamic acid, L-Lysine, as binder for carbon black pellets - However these applications require low ash content molasses


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Quality Analysis

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Value added Products from Molasses

  • Lactic acid, Itaconic acid, Gluconic acid, Glutamic acid and L-Lysine
  • Composition of Molasses
  • Molasses Types
  • Molasses as a feedstock for alcohol production
  • Additive -Activated Carbon


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  • Suspension & Solution Drying
  • Production of a sticky polymer using an improved carbon black 

Regulatory Issues

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  • Hawaii Data 1988 -1998
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  • Molasses Act
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